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God, Girlfriends, & the Grand Ol’ Opry

Posted by Carol on November 18, 2007

I just know that there are 10’s of you out there who read my blog and you may have noticed that I have not posted in a long time. Part of the reason is that I had the blessing of attending the Women’s Ministry Forum at Lifeway in Nashville, Tennessee with four other women from our women’s ministry team last week. Being from the Northeast, it took us a while to get used to all the Southern drawls and y’alls that we heard all week, but I think we also disproved the myth that Northeasterners are cold and unfriendly. We came home with lots of new friends to stay in touch with from all over the country. I also got to see my sister-in-law who was there with her women’s ministry team from Illinois.  That was a bonus!

At the Forum, there were main sessions and break out sessions. Worship at the main sessions was led by Travis Cottrell who usually travels with Beth Moore. I had been wanting to go to a Christian concert for a long time and God graciously provided one for me through this forum. I am now a new Travis fan. We even got to sneak back (with permission) on Friday morning to attend Lifeway’s chapel service for their employees where Michael W. Smith was speaking and performing! What a blessing! We had many choices of break outs to attend. I chose ones on digging deeper into God’s Word, pursuing personal holiness, using the internet in your ministry, using women’s ministry to minister to the young girls in church, public speaking tips, and ways women’s ministry can help strengthen the marriages in church.

The last evening of the Forum was wrapped up with a message from Kay Arthur on connecting with God through prayer. She is 74 years old and just about every scripture she used in her message came from memory. Her whole message was full of wisdom and God’s word. The point that stood out the most from her message is, “Do not aspire to a certain position in ministry, aspire to know God and allow Him to do as He pleases with your life.” I think that is very good advice.

Our hotel was just across the street from the Opryland Hotel – home of the Grand OlOpry, and we went there one night for dinner. It was the perfect time of year to be there because it was already all decked out for Christmas. There were lights and poinsettias everywhere. Absolutely beautiful! We had dinner next to a fountain that put on a show set to lights and music several times an hour. It was just indescribable so I won’t even try!

To top off an already fantastic week, yesterday our son came home from college for Thanksgiving. He will then go back for 3 more weeks and then come home for 5 weeks of winter break! Yipee!!

My husband is having surgery on his hand tomorrow and we have family coming in for Thanksgiving, so I don’t know if I will get to post much this week, so just in case I don’t – have a HAPPY & BLESSED THANKSGIVING!


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  1. Kara said

    Sounds like a great time. Makes me wish I was there. Next time maybe you wouldn’t mind bringing me (and my six children, dog and two darwf hamsters) along. Now that would be a memory to post about for sure!

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