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Posted by Carol on December 4, 2007

I’m very new to this whole bloggy world and when it came time to pick a name for my blog, I was at a loss.  I have no cool nicknames, and my kids are too big to say cute things anymore (still sweet, though).  All the good blog names seem to be taken.

I fear my blog name is too cutesy, too close to “Giggles, Grins, and Unicorns” or other nauseatingly sweet titles.  If you want to read the reason I named this blog “Love, Hugs, and Prayers from Carol” you will have to scroll aaaaaaalllll the waaaaaaay down to my first post because I don’t even know how to do that cool linky thingy where all you have to do is click on a word and it takes you somewhere else.  Sigh.

I have been trying to think of some other names for my blog and here’s what I have so far:

“Born Again With Birth Defects” – meaning that I am a Christian, but am not perfect.  I decided against that one because I think some might misinterpret it to think that it implies that God sometimes makes mistakes with us.  (For the record, He doesn’t).

Another possibility was “I Throw Like a Girl”.  I never understood why that is an insult.  I am a girl, why shouldn’t I throw like one? And who says throwing like a girl is a bad thing?? I did play softball for my high school team (2nd base) and throwing like a girl is a good thing, I say.  But what does that have to do with blogs?  Hmmmm…..

My third choice was “Worth a Thousand Words”.  This one does actually come from a cute thing my son said to me when he was 7 years old (he’s 18 years old now).  One day while riding in the car, he said to me, “Mom, you’re worth a thousand words.”  I think he meant it as a compliment.  Either that or he thought I talk too much. But, I was afraid this title would scare potential readers away for fear that I ramble on and on and on….

So, I am open to suggestions. Please leave comments for ideas for a new name for my blog.  You can choose one of the above (if you can talk me out of the reason I rejected it) or make up a new one.  If you like the current name, please let me know that, too! If I pick your suggestion, there will be a prize (to be announced at a later date).




4 Responses to “Blog Names”

  1. This is hilarious too.!!!! Girl, I will be back for more. Love and hugs, Lynn

  2. Linda C said

    Hi! 1st time here via Big Mama. I like “I Throw Like a Girl” because 1) you are proud to be a girl 2) most of this bloggy world is female 3) You’ll be “throwing” or “tossing” out ideas and thoughts to readers. If I saw this blog name, I would visit out of curiosity. Let me know what you choose!

  3. Linda said

    So which name did you choose???

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