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Nothing Says Love Like a Sterling Silver Bud Vase

Posted by Carol on December 17, 2007

My husband is one of five children.  He has two older sisters, a younger sister, and a younger brother. I have one younger sister.  They are all married and all have multiple children.  Both sets of our parents are divorced and remarried.  That makes a whole lotta family to buy for at Christmas.

To keep the spending under control, my husband’s family wisely has determined that rather than each of us buy a gift for every single sibling, in-law, niece and nephew, we will draw names.  To keep postage at a minimum, we draw names as couples.  We are a very efficient and frugal group.

Also in the spirit of making life easier, we all are to supply the couple that has our names with a wish list of gifts that we would be thrilled to find under our tree Christmas morning – within the established price limit – lest anyone be overly thrilled and the other party overly in debt when the credit card bill comes in January.  They can be “individual” gifts or “couple” gifts.  The husbands particularly enjoy the “couple” gifts such as pot holders with matching dish towels or a beautiful platter to use the next time they host Christmas dinner at their house.

Being the good in-law that I am, I have gone along with this gift giving practice without a complaint for almost 22 years now.  I have no problem with drawing names. Although there have been a few years when we have had to re-draw names because one of the brood was not speaking to one of their siblings for some reason or another.  Or if you were spending Christmas with one of your sisters, then naturally you would request to have those names, because how silly would that be to have to buy and ship a gift to someone you won’t even be seeing that year and not have a gift for the one you’ll be with? Yes, we are efficient and frugal, but not uncomplicated.

The part I have a problem with is the wish list.  It makes me feel like a personal shopper.  I prefer to give a gift based on what I know about the person I am buying for – their tastes, their hobbies and interests. I listen all year long for hints of something they would love, but would not buy for themselves. 

I know I am not alone with this gift giving philosophy.  My sister buys gifts this way, too.  One year she and I were looking through a magazine together and I saw a very unique bud vase, hand made out of antique sterling silver knives and spoons.  I made some comment on how beautiful and unusual I thought it was.  Well, six months later, long after I had forgotten all about that little bud vase, my sister had tracked one down, ordered it, wrapped it up and gave it to me for my birthday.  That, my friends, is a gift! To this day, it is one of my favorite things that I’ve ever received.  Nothing says love more than old cutlery shaped into a bud vase. 


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