I Throw Like a Girl

Introducing “I Throw Like A Girl”!

Posted by Carol on December 19, 2007

Some of you may remember my huge “Name This Blog” Contest.  I threw out several choices of possible names to my legions of faithful readers and Linda from 2nd Cup of Coffee won with the new title you see above!  “Love, Hugs, and Prayers from Carol” is a nice way to sign a letter, but a little too sweet for everyday use on a blog.  It got me off to a good start, though.

I am working with a wonderful blog designer to update my look, so check back often to see our renovations.




2 Responses to “Introducing “I Throw Like A Girl”!”

  1. Linda C said

    I am so honored! I really like your header. How do you get it to be animated like that? (Wasn’t that an articulate question?)

  2. Carol said

    Hi Linda,
    This is actually a theme from WordPress. They offered a “let it snow” extra until Jan 2. Then I guess the snow will stop. This header is just temporary until my designer finishes whatever she is coming up with for me. But I’m glad you like it!

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