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One Day I Worked at Williams-Sonoma

Posted by Carol on January 5, 2008

That’s it…just one day.  I needed a part time job, so I headed off to the mall to my favorite store – Williams-Sonoma.  They were hiring seasonal help for the holidays.  If I needed to get a job, then I wanted it to be a fun job doing something that I liked. 

I {heart} Williams-Sonoma. Seriously, I do.  I love all their cool kitchen gadgets and fancy appliances. I love their gourmet food in their pantry section. And most of all I love their Devil’s Food Chocolate cake mix. It’s an absurd $12 a box and sooooo worth it. Who needs Betty Crocker at $.89 when I can have my cake and eat it too from Mr. Williams?  I only buy one box a year for my husband’s birthday in February. 

But I digress.

So in early November, I drove the half hour to the mall and headed into my favorite store to fill out an application.  While I love Williams-Sonoma, I hate the mall with a passion that burns like the heat of a thousand suns.  My poor 15 year old daughter has to practically beg, plead and promise to do the dishes for a week for me to take her there, so she was all for the idea of Mom having to spend hours at a time at the mall.

I filled out the application and they hired me on the spot.  My daughter must have called ahead to tell them of her poor deprived life without the mall.  They gave me a starting date two weeks from then.

That was their fatal mistake.  They gave me too much time to think about it.  Did I really want to drive a half an hour to the mall – of all places, several times a week?  Working weekends and evenings fighting the holiday shopping traffic to get there? 

That is why when I went for my next chiropractic appointment, when the doctor asked me if I knew anyone looking for a part time job, I blurted out,”Yes, me!” before I even knew what I was saying.   They hired me on the spot.  My husband must have called ahead for fear of the damage my daughter and I could do with all those  hours at the mall at our disposal in the near future.  They said I could start after the first of the year.

The one trump card Williams-Sonoma had to keep me was (cue angel’s singing…) the 40% employee discount.  I actually was tempted to try to do both jobs, simply to keep the employee discount.  But I know myself and I know my husband’s comfort level and I knew this would not work for my family.  So I planned when and how I would give my beloved Mr. Williams and his friend Sonoma my notice. 

I was already on the schedule, so I thought it would be the responsible thing to go work the day I was expected to – and so I did.  I planned to work my shift and then tell the manager that I had accepted another job, but was willing to give a two week notice if they needed me to. 

I worked my shift and everything went fine.  The other employees were wonderful, the customers were great, and the products were fun.  At the end of my shift, I approached the manager on duty and explained the situation to her.  She was very understanding, told me that two weeks notice was not necessary and that I had made the right decision – the chiropractor’s job was too good an opportunity to pass up.  Oh, and by the way, would I like to use my employee discount before I left?

I could have kissed the woman.

The sad thing is that even with my 40% employee discount, I spent more at Williams-Sonoma than I earned the entire one day I worked there.

And what did the chiropractor offer me as an employee discount?  Free chiropractic adjustments for me and my family.  Somehow it just isn’t the same as Devil’s Food Chocolate Cake Mix from my dear friends Williams and Sonoma.


5 Responses to “One Day I Worked at Williams-Sonoma”

  1. jesslovesjesus said

    HA! carol, i haven’t laughed this hard in a while! thank you so much for this story. this sounds exactly like something i would have done–especially spending more than i made 🙂 i, too, heart ws.

  2. heidit76 said

    that was a funny story! It makes me like Williams-Sonoma even more that they were so nice AND let you use your discount.

    So now I must know… did you buy a truck load of the chocolate cake mix at 40% off?

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  5. Robin said

    Hi–Just wondering where you got the “I throw like a girl” photo. It’s awesome!

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