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Just Wastin’ Time

Posted by Carol on January 7, 2008

My kids and I made the six hour round trip drive on Saturday to visit my mom and step-dad for the day.  We were going to spend the night, but my husband was very sick and stayed home.  We wanted to get back to be with him and for my daughter to get all her homework done and ready for school on Monday.

While we were there, I showed my mom my blog for the first time.  She read a few posts, laughed a little and said, “So this is what you do to waste your time.”

Thanks Mom. 😉






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  1. […] didn’t “get” it.  They couldn’t fathom why I or anyone else would want to waste their time writing or reading blogs.  I tried to put into words how fun it is to peek into other’s […]

  2. […] You can read about the first time I told her about my blog here.  […]

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