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He’s Gone :(

Posted by Carol on January 21, 2008

In my last post, I mentioned that there were a few things stressing me out that I let control me a bit too much on Saturday.  One of those things is that our son who is a freshman in college over 1000 miles away left today for his second semester. I just looked it up on Google maps and it is actually 1,777 miles. Sigh….

He had been home for 5 weeks and it was great to have him around again. Yes, he made messes, created more laundry, ate more food, had friends coming and going at all hours.  But it’s worth it and I miss him.

I once read a plaque in a doctor’s office that said, “To become a mother is a momentous decision.  It is to decide to have your heart walk around outside your body for the rest of your life.”   So true.

On the bright side, he was really looking forward to going back to the busy-ness and independence of college.  He loves his classes and did a fantastic job last semester. I am very proud of him and I know that even though I hate to see him go, things are as they should be.

So, Son of Mother Who Throws Like A Girl, if you’re reading this, don’t forget to call home once in a while!   Your Mom loves you.

8 Responses to “He’s Gone :(”

  1. Miss Sandy said

    I wnated to po over and thank you for your recent visit to Quill Cottage and thank you for your kind comment. Feel free to visit anytime and blessings on your day!

    Miss Sandy

  2. Miss Sandy said

    OOOPS! That was supposed to “pop” over not “po” over!

    Miss Sandy

  3. PJ said

    Yes. Kids going away…growing up…it’s a tough day for Moms. I have two sons: both went off to college; both are now married. It’s hard to quit seeing them as 4 year olds and wanting them right there at home!! On the other hand, you have bragging rights!!

  4. Carol said

    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog! Carol 🙂

  5. Linda C said

    I could have written this post myself, except Son of the 2nd Cup of Coffee Guzzler is only 40 minutes away. I still miss him. But really, every single thing you said about the messes, etc. I can relate to. Motherhood is entirely bittersweet. The whole goal is to get them raised to independence, and yet the gut reaction is to hang on …

  6. Okay. I need to be reminded of this. Especially on days like today when I can’t wait to kick ’em all out. I know in my heart that the time will fly by, and I’ll miss these “crazy” years. 🙂

  7. april said

    Oh, this made me sad. I hope he called you today.

    I just bought my oldest son, he’s 11, new clothes today…..in the men’s department. I came home, sat down and said, “I can’t shop for my little boy in the little boy’s department anymore”.

    I’m going to be a mess when my kids leave home.

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