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An Exciting Opportunity to Attend the She Speaks Conference

Posted by Carol on January 29, 2008

Each year for the past several years, Proverbs 31 Ministries has hosted a conference called “She Speaks”. If you click on the link, it will take you directly to the conference website.  It is a conference for women who are aspiring Christian speakers, writers, and women’s ministry leaders.  It is a chance for those of us who feel God has called us to serve Him through spoken or written word to sharpen our skills, develop them for His glory, and sit at the feet of those who have much wisdom and experience to share. The conference will be held June 20-22, 2008 in Concord, NC.  

Now, here is an amazing opportunity for those of you who would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to attend, but financially feel it is out of reach…..Head on over to Lysa TerKeurt’s blog  and read about your chance to enter to win a scholarship to the  2008 She Speaks Conference!

From the moment I learned to talk as a child, it seems I have never stopped – at least according to my parents.  Every year at school, I would get notes sent home from my teachers saying, “Carol needs to spend less time visiting with her classmates and more time paying attention in class.”   One teacher even nick-named me “Gabby Hays”. 

Now, there is talking and then there is talking. I have spoken at least 10 times at different events at my church and would really like to improve. I would like to know that when I get up to speak to the women at my church that I am not just speaking idle words but truly bringing glory to God.  I know that God will use us no matter who we are, or what our skills are, of course.  I would just like to serve Him to the best of my ability and with excellence.

Last year’s She Speaks Conference was held over the same few days that my son was graduating high school and we were having a graduation party/family reunion.  We had all kinds of relatives coming for the week.  It was out of the question that I could leave for a few days with a houseful of guests. Sorry Proverbs 31, but as much as I wanted to attend the Conference, I wanted to see my son graduate high school even more!

Now that same son is in college and again, as much as I would love to attend the Conference, we are financially strapped paying his college bills.  I have been praying that if it is God’s will that I go to this year’s She Speaks Conference, that He would provide the financial means for me to do so.   Perhaps this scholarship is the answer to my prayers.  Even if I am not chosen, I will not lose hope because I know that He can provide in many ways if He wants me to go. Thank you, Proverbs 31 Ministries for offering the chance to win a scholarship.

Blessings, Carol  


9 Responses to “An Exciting Opportunity to Attend the She Speaks Conference”

  1. Jenny said

    Good luck! I did read that they have a system set up where you can get friends, families and church members to donate and help with the cost. Its on the website.


  2. Luanne said

    Keep believing that God will make a way. I do.

    Good Luck with the contest fellow blogger.


  3. Last year I did not think I could afford to go, but God made a way. I believe He can do the same for you!

  4. Linda C said

    Carol, we have the same reason financially speaking, that we would enjoy a scholarship! Well, who knows what will happen. I just know within me the right person will get the scholarship.

  5. Celly B said

    It sounds like you are well on your way with your speaking opportunities. Good luck with attending the conference!

  6. Okay, you trump me with the whole college tuition argument. I’m over here griping about the cost of diapers.

    I hope we both get to go! I’d love to meet you. You’re a doll.

  7. Miss Sandy said

    I so relate to having those little notes on my report cards, mine always said, “Talks too much!” I pray your speaking ministry will continue to grow as you share the Lord with others and blessings on being able to attend!

  8. […] The deadline for entering was the Friday of the week Lysa posted the contest. The posts would be read over the weekend, and the winner announced on Lysa’s blog Monday morning. My post was pretty straight forward – just the facts ma’am.  No frills.  I really thought that was all I had to say.  If you want to read my entry, go here.  […]

  9. […] provide the financial means for me to attend the She Speaks Conference in June.  I wrote about it here and here.  I reeaallly want to go to this conference. I have for several years.  I prayed that if […]

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