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Please Pray

Posted by Carol on February 2, 2008

This weekend our Sr. High Youth Group took it’s annual trip to winter camp in upstate NY.  I just got an email this morning saying that when the 3 vans the teens and the adult leaders were traveling in were about 10 minutes away from the camp last night, something caused all 3 vans to crash.  Praise God, there were no fatalities, but there are a lot of cuts and bruises.  One leader has a broken leg.  There is also one teen, named Brandon, that we don’t know the extent of his injuries, yet. 

My daughter was not on this trip. This is one time I am thankful that she did not want to go to winter camp this year.  If my son were still home, I know he would not have missed it.  I can only imagine what all these parents are going through right now.

I don’t know what the plans are – if they are OK enough to stay at camp or if they will be heading right home.  So please pray for all involved.  Obviously the kids are shaken up.  Please pray for Flo, the leader who broke her leg, and for Brandon.  I will update when I know more about his situation.  Also pray that God would use this experience in the kids’ lives to draw them closer to Him.  That they would walk away from this with a new perspective on life and realize that He has a plan for each one of them. 

I’m rambling now, but thanks for your prayers for these dear teens and their parents.

Update:  I have spoken to someone from church.  All the kids, including Brandon, are fine. Some have cuts & bruises, but all are shaken up.  Flo, one of the youth leaders, has a broken femur and has had surgery this morning.  Some parents have chosen to go up to the camp.  They will all be returning home tomorrow afternoon.  Thanks for your prayers. 




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  1. sara l. said

    How scary! We’ll keep them all in our prayers!

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