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My Very Exciting Trip to the DMV

Posted by Carol on February 5, 2008

My driver’s license expired on January 31st, and being the procrastinator that I am, I waited until January 31st to head on down to the DMV to renew my license.

And we all know how much fun going to the DMV can be.

Actually my state went so far as to change the name of the “Department of Motor Vehicles” to the “Motor Vehicle Commission” (MVC).  Apparently, if you change the name of a state agency, it also makes that agency a much more efficient and happy place, so our elected officials would have us believe.  But they can’t fool me,  in my heart it will always be the DMV.

Along with a change of name, our MVC or DMV or ABC (whatever) also came up with a nifty point system to be sure you bring enough ID with you.  Some forms of ID are worth more points than others. If your forms of ID add up to the right number of points, then you’re OK.  But you can only have 1 ID from column 1, and 2 ID’s from column 2-4,  and no more than 3 from another column -blah, blah,blah.  One must be good at math and following directions to get your driver’s license in my state.  The whole ID thing is to make it difficult for unscrupulous folks to get their licenses under false pretenses. And also for folks who have a life with other things to do besides add up ID points from certain columns – like take care of their families and go to work.

So, before my greatly anticipated trip to get my new license, I made sure I had my passport, my birth certificate, my old driver’s license, my ATM card, my Social Security card, a utility bill, my marriage license, and a lock of hair from my first born child to prove that I am who I say I am. Or at least who I think I am most days.

I knew that since I had waited until the last day of the month to renew my license that I would be there with the throngs of other procrastinators like myself.  It’s much more fun to wait in long lines than to plan ahead and come to the DMVMC (whatever) in the middle of the month and be in and out of there.  But I came prepared.  I brought a book.  But what I saw as I sat and waited was much more entertaining that reading my book.  At least for a little while.

As I sat and watched the many people who were in the same situation as I was, I couldn’t help but think how much better their lives would be if at least some of them read the same blogs that I did.  Here’s why:

I saw a woman who worked behind the counter who was wearing earrings as big as her head.  She could benefit from reading Big Mama’s Fashion Friday posts.

There was a very angry man who obviously had not added up his ID points properly in the right columns because they wouldn’t accept his letter from the Social Security Administration as proper proof of identification.  I thought he could improve his life by reading Rocks in my Dryer.  Shannon sometimes writes about organizing her house, and if this man were a little more organized, he might have had the proper ID with him.  He also could use a little of Dee Dee’s humor at It Coulda Been Worse because he really needed to lighten up a bit (OK, a LOT).

Of course, whenever parents have to run errands and bring their children along, someone is bound not to be happy. Sometimes it’s the parents, but on this day it was the children.  Well, I’m sure the parents were none too happy either. There were lots of crying children and I thought their parents might like to read Cheaper By The Half Dozen by Marybeth.  She has 6 kids and could offer them lots of advice on parenting and balancing trips to the Motor Vehicle Department with everything else she has to do as the mom of a half dozen kids.

Behind one of the first desks the patrons encountered was a woman wearing a blazer with a very low cut shirt underneath.  One false move and it would have been Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl all over again – oh, yes it would.  She really needs to read Virtue Alert by Vicki Courtney.  She has a whole post dedicated to those who like to dress so “daringly”.

I felt sorry for those who were standing in very long lines with nothing to do to entertain themselves.  I would have liked to offer them a 2nd Cup of Coffee because I’m sure they had their first cups a long time ago and nothing would cheer them up like reading what Linda has to say each day.

With all these thoughts to keep me busy while I waited my turn to get that most attractive driver’s license photo taken, time just flew by and before I knew it, I was done getting my license. With any luck, I won’t have to go back to the DMV for another 4 years!


2 Responses to “My Very Exciting Trip to the DMV”

  1. sara l. said

    Too Funny! Oh, the things we can observe by just sitting back and people watching….It’s a hobby of mine!LOL!

  2. Linda C said

    You made it! And thanks for the sweet shout out.

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