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And Now For the Rest of the Story

Posted by Carol on February 14, 2008

Since January 2nd, I have been working as a receptionist for two chiropractors.  They are a husband/wife team.  I was a patient there before I came to work for them.  In this post, I told you how I thought I got the job, but after working there for a month and a half, the truth finally came out.

In case you don’t want to go through all the trouble of clicking on an extra link, here’s a synopsis for you (plus a few more details):

I was lying on the chiropractor’s table with my face stuck in the little hole while the doctor put what are called “stim pads” on my back.  They send electrical impulses to the muscles which make them relax so that people like me who have “cement spine” can be adjusted more easily. Yes, that is an official, honest to goodness medical condition.  You can go look it up in your copy of the Physician’s Desk Reference or Gray’s Anatomy (not the TV show). What?  You don’t have those books?  Then just trust me.

Anyway, while my face was jammed in the hole in the table, smearing my mascara and eyeliner all over the place as the stim pads did their job, the doc was making small talk. In the course of this 9 minute conversation, while I was checking out his shoes, Dr. M mentioned that they would probably be losing their receptionist because she was finishing college in December.

Before I knew it, I heard myself ask if I could apply for the job, and he said, “You’re hired”.

I said (a little shocked because I had given all of 2 seconds thought to this), “Oh, no, you can’t offer me the job right now.  You really should talk it over with Dr. H” (his wife & other doc in the practice).

Dr. M – Ok, but you’re still hired.  Call in a few days and we’ll all sit down and work out the details.

(Cue Paul Harvey) And now for the rest of the story…..

Fast forward six weeks.  The docs and I were finishing up for the day, printing off bills and stuffing them into envelopes to be sent to insurance companies.

Dr. M to Dr. H – Isn’t it funny how Carol talked her way into this job?

Me – Huh?

Dr. M – We really weren’t hiring, I was just making small talk.

Me – Then why did you hire me?

Dr. M – Because it sounded like a good idea at the time. And when I talked to Dr. H about it like you told me to, she liked the idea of having an adult working at the office instead of college kids.

Me – What about your other receptionist?  Didn’t she graduate from college?

Dr. H – We’re not sure. She just stopped coming to work one day. We still have her last paycheck, but we can’t reach her to give it to her.

Dr. M – So, it worked out for everyone that you asked us to hire you.

I guess the lesson here is that if you want to get a job, don’t plan ahead, wear jeans and a comfortable shirt to the interview, make sure your mascara and eyeliner are smeared all over your face, check out the hiring manager’s shoes and just ask for the job.

It worked for me!


3 Responses to “And Now For the Rest of the Story”

  1. PJ said

    Sounds like the hand of God to me.

  2. Carol said

    I agree!

  3. Too funny! I’m always dealing with smeared mascara, by the way. And I agree, it was a God-thing.

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