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WFMW- Communicating with Your Kids’ Teachers

Posted by Carol on February 20, 2008

It is Works for me Wednesday over at Rocks in my Dryer and I thought I’d share a little something I have learned about communicating with my kids’ teachers especially if you have any ongoing issues you need to keep on eye on.  Not that I would have any experience with that! My kids have always been perfect  – not! 

Over the course of the years my two children have been in school, from time to time there has been a need to stay in close communication with their teachers.  Once they reach middle school and high school and have a different teacher for each subject, it is not as easy as simply sending a note in with your child. If your school district is very large, like ours is, teachers have many students and it is difficult for them to communicate with the parents as much as they might like to. Here’s what has worked for me.

When I needed to stay in closer contact with my son’s teachers one year, I put together a distribution list of all his teacher’s school email addresses.  Then I emailed them and told them that each Thursday I would be sending them the same four questions for them to answer about my son. I asked them to respond by email by the next day (Friday). To make it as easy as possible on the teachers, the questions could each be answered in one word. In my son’s case, these were the questions:

1.  What is my son’s current grade in your class?

2.  Are all his assignments turned in for the week?

3.  How has his behavior been? 

4. Is there anything else you think I should know? (If the answer to this one were “yes” then, I guess technically, they would then have to use more than one word to explain, but you get the idea).

Of course, you can change the questions to meet your needs.  That year we were obviously trying to keep a closer eye on his behavior and grades.  I think he was in 8th grade. The teachers all liked it and worked with me on it. Some  got to the point where they would email me before I even asked the questions on Thursdays. This is really helpful if you are trying to help them work towards a goal.  By getting the answers back by Friday, we then knew if he had earned a reward or if he needed to get caught up on some school work over the weekend.

This is what works for me.  Stop by Rocks in my Dryer for more great tips!


7 Responses to “WFMW- Communicating with Your Kids’ Teachers”

  1. Hadias said

    This is a great tip and right on time for me. My daughter is homeschooled but may be attending public Highschool. One of my concerns were, how to stay in touch with teachers when there are more than one?

    This is a very useful WFMW. Thanks for posting.

  2. high school teacher said

    You are doing a wonderful thing! I would absolutely love to update more parents on their kids’ progress and behavior but with 110 students it’s hard to get to the positive communication after catching-up absent kids or taking care of poor work habits calls. When parents e-mail me it’s so much easier to hit “reply” than it is to look up their contact information & initiate the exchange.

  3. donetta said

    Wonderful tip this will help many a parent. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  4. warillever said

    Great idea. Thanks.

  5. I teach sixth and seventh graders, and I have – in my household right now – 2 sixth graders, a ninth grader, and a freshman in college. I was skeptical of your post at first, but after I read it, I have to say – great! I wish more parents would communicate via email. It’s quick and easy. And the four questions you have are precise and simple to answer. And if you take it upon yourself to send them the email each week, the least we, as teachers, can do, is shoot a response back to you by the next day. That is not asking much. And letting them know you will be doing it weekly is also great. Thumbs up!!!!

  6. Kim said

    I agree with the other teachers who have commented. E-mail is, by far, the easiest and quickest way for me to communicate with parents. I can respond anytime I have a couple of seconds down time and don’t have to rush a phone call between meetings or during recess.


  7. Linda said

    You are the mom I always wanted to be.

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