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I Won! I Won!

Posted by Carol on March 10, 2008

Oh, my!  It is my lucky day!  You see, I have just been notified that I have won the lottery in the UK.  It appears my email address was randomly chosen by a satelite a trillion miles out in space. Powered by the Internet! How could that satelite have known about our college bills, car payment, mortgage, and our desire to own a cottage on Lake George? 

It’s a miracle I tell ya! 

And I know it’s real.  See the actual email I received below. I am not going to be suspicious at all because of the random use of punctuation and capital letters.  Or the fact that he asks for all my personal information.  I think I’ll give him my social security number, my passport, and my bank account numbers because I would prefer direct deposit rather than a pesky check. I’m just trusting that way.

I have removed the the name of the generous man I need to contact because, although I love all my readers, I am not about to share my English pounds with anyone.

I think I’ll write to Queen Elizabeth right now to thank her!

Dear WinnerYour ticket number: 56475600545 188 with Serial number 5368/05, draw
Lucky number: 29
Congratulations, you have just won yourself £500,000GBP In the satellite software email lottery conducted by UK
NATIONAL LOTTERY in which e-mail addresses are picked randomly by software  Powered by the Internet. Your email address was amongst those chosen this quarter and you. Are to contact our Financial Controller for Clearance.
Here is the contact Info:
Mr. W.S.
Email: xxxxxxx@xxxxx.com
You are to forward the following details to enable
us clear your File
For immediate payment:
1. Full Names:
2. Address:
3. Age:
4. Sex:
5. Marital Status:
6. Occupation:
7. Phone numbers:
8. Fax number:
9. Country:
Yours faithfully,


7 Responses to “I Won! I Won!”

  1. Rebecca said

    You are SO lucky! 😉

    Thanks for coming to see me today. I hope you’ll stop by my blog again soon. 🙂

  2. Jenny said

    I get crazy stuff like that in my email, but an American version where I have won 1 million US dollars if I’ll just send them the info.

    The scary thing is some people actually do it or they would move on to a new tactic!


  3. Oh yes! Email the Queen right away, and while you have her ear, ask her what she thinks I should wear to the She Speaks Conference, will you? I mean, she’s such a snazzy dresser and all. Now that you’re rich, will you forget those of us who knew you when, and helped name your blog??

  4. desi said


  5. Don’t give up the blog just because your rich, ok?

  6. Chris said

    Carol, oh wealthy one,
    Man, I’m so happy for you! No money worries from now on. Of course you’ll have “friends” and “relatives” coming out of the woodwork to ask for $…!!! And the paparazzi!! You’ll be on the cover of the Enquirer with Tim and Britney. And now you’ll need to wear fancy clothes and high heels all the time and have servants 🙂

    You are such a nut!!!

  7. Lawrencegr said

    well done, dude

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