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We’ll just say he was filled with the Spirit.

Posted by Carol on March 13, 2008

Watch for the second boy. I don’t know if I would laugh or cry if this were my kid. But since he’s not my kid, it sure is funny!


3 Responses to “We’ll just say he was filled with the Spirit.”

  1. wineymomma said

    Yeah, the spirit, I bet that’s what the pastor was thinking!

    I could almost envision Bubba doing that!

  2. Tanja said

    I crack up every single time I see this clip. I watched that episode of AFV, and I’m pretty sure that boy was the preacher’s son, which, to me anyway, makes it even funnier. Love your blog!

  3. april said

    Oh my! That cracked me up. He has to be PK, they are the only kids that can get away with stuff like that, I know I’m married to one.

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