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100 Things

Posted by Carol on March 17, 2008

In the bloggy tradition in honor of my 100th post, here are the 100 things about me: 

1. I am a devoted follower of Christ

2. I grew up in Connecticut

3. I have lived in Illinois

4. and Colorado

5. and California

6. and Florida

7.  and Virginia

8.  and New Jersey

9.  all since getting married

10.  I have been married almost 22 years

11.  We have a 19 year old son in college

12. and a 16 year old daughter in high school

13.  we have an 11 year old golden retriever

14. she does not go to school

15. we have a 1 year old shih-tzu

16. he needs to go to obedience school

17.  I used to be a pharmaceutical sales rep

18.  It was boring

19.  I am a stay at home mom at heart

20. but right now I work at a chiropractors’ office

21.  they think I’m great if I don’t mess up faxing stuff

22.  I love to read

23.  I am a certified scuba diver

24.  I love dogs and I am embarrassing around puppies

25.  but I don’t think dogs are people

26.  I have green eyes

27.  I have been to Mexico

28. and Canada

29. and Grand Cayman

30. and the Bahamas

31. and Barcelona

32.  I would move to Hawaii in a heartbeat

33.  I have 1 sister

34. my parents are divorced

35.  so are my hubby’s

36.  all our parents are remarried

37.  That means I have two mothers in law

38.  I was an English major in college

39.  I hated college (not because of the English major)

40.  I LOVED high school

41.  I met my husband in high school

42.  I became a Christian on an Easter Sunday when I was 9 years old

43. I have been to Bermuda

44.  I like to cook

45. I was born on Long Island, NY

46. I don’t have a NY accent

47. I prefer lakes to the ocean

48. I like to ski

49. I love Italian food

50. and Mexican food

51. I am half Italian

52.  I went to a legalistic Christian college in the panhandle of Florida for 3 years

53.  I graduated from Illinois State University

54. I started out as an elementary education major

55. I like contemporary Christian music

56. I like to garden but the deer eat all my plants

57. I love bubble baths

58.  I am afraid of heights

59.  I had braces as an adult

60.  I blew up the first 3 cars I drove after I got my driver’s license

61.  I broke my left wrist last summer falling off a bike that wasn’t even moving

62.  I had big hair in the 80’s thanks to many perms

63.  My hair is naturally straight

64.  I went to a Christian elementary and high school and I was the first girl in the history of the school to get paddled

65.  It didn’t hurt

66.  My dad spanked me when I got home

67.  That did hurt

68.  If you’re still reading this, thank you!

69.   I almost drowned in  a pool at a party when I was little

70.  My dad jumped in and got me

71.  So it’s ok that he spanked me a couple times in my life

72.  I usually deserved it 

73.  I can swim now

74.  I love my children with all my heart

75.  It rained on our wedding day

76.  which was June 7th, 1986

77.  It’s rained on many of our anniversaries, too

78.  I don’t mind

79.  My birthday is in December

80.  We have lived in this state longer than any other state we’ve lived in our whole marriage

81.  We may move again someday because of hubby’s job

82.  I am not a morning person

83.  Hubby is a morning person

84.  It makes life interesting

85. I would love to visit Italy

86.  and England

87.  and Ireland

88.  and New Zealand

89.  This is really my 101st post

90.  That’s typical for me

91.  I love my friends

92.  I have friends all over the country (because of all the moving)

93.  I am always on time for appointments and social things

94.  but I am always late returning movies and library books

95.  I was a cheerleader in high school

96.  my favorite flowers are hydrangeas

97.  and pink roses

98.  I love cheesecake

99.  I played softball, volleyball, and basketball in high school

100. I love comments

Thank you!



5 Responses to “100 Things”

  1. Pam M. said

    1. Carol
    2. I absolutely LOVED this post!
    3. It made my day
    4. It’s Monday….’nuff said
    5. I loved the way you wrote everything out
    6. It made me laugh out loud
    7. And I needed to
    8. because I received two sad/strange pieces of news today
    9. But please don’t worry
    10. I’m not going up to 100
    11. because I am at work right now
    12. with coworkers who think I’m nuts because I laugh out loud at my desk quite frequently

    Much love,

  2. lil ole me said

    Cute post!

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  4. Beverlydru said

    I am impressed you got all the way to 100.
    Regarding #52, I figure you either lived in Graceville or Pensacola. : ) My neighborhood.

  5. Beverlydru said

    Hi Carol, Actually I know exactly what you are talking about when you describe legalistic Christianity. No offense whatsoever about this area. I relate to you more and more as I stay with your blog. In this neighborhood (NW FL), a religious spirit is our biggest enemy. Most are in church and “doing” the Christian thing but the few have a hunger for an intimate relationship with Jesus. Keep writing – I’m with you.

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