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Not to Worry

Posted by Carol on April 3, 2008

Some days I wonder, what would I worry about if I did not have children?  Because, really, I don’t worry about anything else in the world, but my kids.

My health? Not so much. God has already numbered all my days and I know where I’m going when I die.

Finances? No, because I know God will provide all our needs.

Retirement?  We’ll be ok even if we have to work at McDonald’s.

Relationships?  God has given me good friends and He is the best friend of all.

World peace?  He knows how it’s all going to end, so I know He will bring world peace in His own time. Plus, world peace is Miss America’s job and I’m not her.

Global warming?  Again, God has His own plan for making a New Heaven and New Earth, so I’ll try to be responsible and trust Him for the rest.

So, could someone please give me something to worry about besides my kids? I promise I’ll do a good job.

Thank you.


2 Responses to “Not to Worry”

  1. Tanja said

    Worry about all the gray hairs you’ll get from worrying about your kids! 🙂

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