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WFMW ~ Keeping Weeds Out of Your Garden

Posted by Carol on April 9, 2008

Now that Spring is here, although some days it doesn’t feel like it, along with the warmer weather and sunshine that cause our flowers to grow,  pesky weeds also start to appear.  I think we all would agree that weed pulling is our least favorite part about gardening.

There is a product that will really reduce your time spent pulling weeds this summer.  It is Round-up Extended Control.  You spray it on your weeds and on your dirt before the weeds grow, and it kills existing weeds and prevents them from returning for 4 months.  I have never actually marked my calendar to make sure it is exactly 4 months, but it does work for a very long time.  Much longer than the regular Round-up. 

Now, I would not use this in a vegetable garden.  I’m not sure what the label says about that, but personally, I don’t like to spray chemicals around the things my family is going to eat.  BUT, for your flower beds and  mulched areas, this stuff rocks!  It really works for me!

Also, could I ask a small favor?  Please go to this post and leave a comment for my friend, Pam, who is dealing with some very stressful health issues.  Thanks!  🙂

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  1. GiBee said

    I HATE weeding! So, thanks for this awesome tip!

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