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Bloggy Giveaways Spring Carnival!! – Time’s Up!

Posted by Carol on April 21, 2008

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button Fall used to be my favorite season because it is quite beautiful with all the brilliant colors of the changing leaves and the cool crisp air. But I’ve since learned that all the cool crisp air means is that soon there will be freezing biting air and a bunch of dead-looking trees.  So move over Fall, I have a new favorite season and it’s name is Spring!

To celebrate Spring’s arrival, I am participating in the Bloggy Giveaways Spring Carnival. I am offering one lucky winner (I don’t believe in luck, but it just sounds good) their choice of either a $25. gift card to Target OR Starbucks.

Here’s what you need to do to enter – Please leave a comment letting me know either:

1) Which of my posts is your favorite and why.


2) What, in your opinion, I could do to improve my blog so that you would want to read it and comment regularly, etc.

You see, I’m all about giving you choices while I strive to improve! 

The winner will be chosen at random on the evening of April 25th and will be notified by email!

Happy Spring,


P.S.  I have been asked in a couple of comments to list my favorite posts, but I want to know YOUR favorite posts of mine. (I already know which ones I like).  But to make things easier, I have added “categories” to my sidebar for you to look through, and there are “archives”, “recent posts” and “top posts” as well. Hope this helps!



419 Responses to “Bloggy Giveaways Spring Carnival!! – Time’s Up!”

  1. Hmmm….I think I’d like to read a post about why you throw like a girl? A good, funny story would bring me back for more!

  2. Katie said

    hmm.. well, under the category of # 2 –

    my suggestion would be to quick edit your giveaway post and include your most frequently blogged about topics! 🙂 I do see that Big Mama and Boo Mama are on your blog roll, and I love reading their blogs, so already I’ll be checking back to see yours! 🙂

    Is that helpful enough?? I hope so because I would LOVE to win a starbucks gift card 😀

  3. Daiquiri said

    Two things…I’d love to know a bit more about you. Your header seems so cute and spunky – I’ll bet you’re fun 🙂

    And my favorite post? Hmmm…I tend to like either humor or practical tips (or both). I really appreciate your cookie recipe (will be printing that out!).

    Hope that helps! 🙂

  4. The snickerdoodle cookies just took me back to a little girl sitting in my grandma’s kitchen, waiting patiently for them to finish baking.. they are my fave! Perhaps I’ll give them a whirl!

  5. Patti Sherman said

    I like helpful hints ..your site is clever…and I could use a Target card.

  6. Cindi said

    Hi, Without a doubt, “Max Lucado’s Thoughts”is my favorite post. He is an incredible person and writer! Your gift card is quite a giveaway prize. Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks very much…..Cindi

  7. DebMomOf3 said

    I’m with Katie, kind of – include links to some of your favorite posts, so we know which ones to check out when we get to your giveaway! 🙂

  8. Kyra said

    My favorite post Is your WFMW How to keep eye liner from smearing. Great tip! I know it was a very recent post but I’m all about practicality and smearing eye make-up is a problem I have. Great giveaway!

  9. Smellyann said

    What I would do is include a link to a post explaining the awesome title of your blog for when you do carnivals and such. I’d love to read it! Thanks, I could use a Target card! 😀

  10. Krista said

    I loved Jesus, Bring the Rain. I liked learning more about you and your heart’s desires!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Elizabeth said

    You are too funny. I loved the post Un Ballo in Maschera. I love opera, and was drawn to that post. But also LOVE Seinfeld, and cracked up at the english patient reference. Too funny!!!

    Hmmm, fix up your header a bit, and make it flashier?

  12. Well, this is my first visit to your blog, but the thing that always gets me back to a blog or to bookmark one in the first place is good writing – interesting, not depressing. (we all have our down days, but focusing on them just depresses everyone) I like to look on the bright side and enjoy reading people who do the same.

    Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  13. Angela said

    LOL I love the shower doors post.. honestly I have never been good at that.. hince why I no longer havea bathroom that has them.

    I am running a bloggy party right now too with tons of prizes! Come check us out!

  14. TX Poppet said

    Well I enjoyed your “Very Exciting Trip to the DMV”. I especially loved how you worked in all the great links. Well done.

  15. Kristen M. said

    Honestly, I’m attracted to blogs with brighter colors.

  16. tipptalk said

    Honk if you love Jesus is so great. We all feel so unable to change the world sometimes, but realizing that there are so many of us out there to try to bring hope to the world is an uplifting reminder. Small bumper stickers and fish emblems do give us that.

    It is all about keeping the faith, those small things remind me that we are not alone and that our God is big and in a Father to so many of us.

    It’s nice to be reminded we have such a big family.

  17. Amy said

    I love your Snickerdoodle recipe because I’ve never had a great recipe for them and I want to try yours!!!

  18. Lesha said


    – I love his books! 🙂

  19. Tanya Moyer said

    Great giveaway! Thanks for offering! I LOVE Starbucks. I liked your Snickerdoodle recipe – my girls love snickerdoodles, so I’ll be coming back to print that out! Also, I saw on your WFMW post to put RainX on your clean shower doors to help keep them that way! Awesome tip!!!

  20. Elicia said

    I SO enjoyed reading your Mourning into Dancing. It made me cry because I could have written it myself. We are currently in the process of adopting our sweet daughter Myna from Haiti. It has been over a year and a half and she still is not home. We visit her in Haiti every few months and then have to return her back to the orphanage. This is without a doubt, the toughest and most painful thing I have EVER experienced. My heart and my arms ache for her every single second of every day. As painful as this has been, I know that I am learning to put every ounce of trust in Jesus. He is the only way that I can lay my sweet baby back into that dirty crib and walk away from her. He is the only way that I am functioning. I know that someday, when this is all over I will be able to see all of the good that He has done with this time and this pain. But until then, I will still praise Him. Thanks for your sweet post and thanks for the encouragement it gave me.
    password Abigail Zahm

  21. Noreen said

    https://carolmehl.wordpress.com/2008/03/10/i-won-i-won/ is my favorite, I always want to laugh when I get those too!

  22. Danielle said

    I am always more likely to read if I get a feel for the person (about me type thing)


  23. The only one thing I see is maybe making the color of your links text match your header…maybe a darker blue? I love your header! It’s super cute!

  24. Marilyn said

    What fun ! My favorites were the cookies of course since I love to eat and I’m always on the prowel for new recipes to try and The make-up tip for non smearing eyeliner which I am going to try since raccoon eyes is a problem I have to often. Thank you for the giveaway and the great tip!

    Take Care,

  25. M.A. said

    Ha ha…I like the “I won I won” about the UK lottery…lol! Great site!

  26. Jen said

    LOVE YOUR Works For Me Wednesday – Getting Spots Off Shower Doors post. I am soooooooo going to have to try that!

  27. Nicole said

    I liked the post about taking care of roses. Our house has several rose bushes and even though we have lived here for several years I am always at a loss wondering if I am killing them when I try to prune them.

    Thanks for the great info!

  28. kate5405 said

    I liked the Snickerdoodle blog entry. My son also loves them but luckily he lives only an hour away. I make them for him every Christmas along with a big tin of Chex mix. One year I did not feel like making the cookies, and I heard about it all the next year. You can bet I never forgot again!

  29. Shalee said

    I think you need a fun header on the top of you blog. Something eye-catching and fun!

  30. Michelle said

    Well, I obviously don’t have time to read through all of your past posts, but I must say that I really like when someone posts a “100 Things About Me” post. It is a great way to get to learn interesting things about someone and see what things you have in common. I, too, like to cook and have a number of recipes on my blog. I grew up in Canada, and I have been to Ireland, but have not been to many of the other places that you have been.

    Thanks for hosting a giveaway. I could really use a Target card right about now. The kids have outgrown most of their summer clothes and the heat is a coming!

    If you get a chance, feel free to check out my 100 Things About Me post as well.

  31. Jacki said

    I have to say…it’s not you, it’s me! I have had less time to read blogs lately, so haven’t gotten around the blogosphere as much.

    Thank you for this generous giveaway! I love both places.

  32. Kathrin said

    I liked your entry “The Story of Future Husband and Flirty Girl.” It was fun, told me a bit about your life and had a great message.

    Great giveaway!
    kedecker at hotmail dot com

  33. Marcia said

    I think your page needs some color. I’m not one for black and white because not everything IS black and white. I think if you added a nice background it would spice it up a little. Even if the background is white with a colored pattern on it, it would make it more attractive.

  34. Amylou said

    I love your Snickerdoodle Stirrings, because they are my favorite cookie. My advice would be to post more recipes, that’s always a draw for me.

  35. robin said

    I liked the day you worked at Williams- Sonona. I worked at JCPennys Biggest Sale of the Year for two day just for the employee discount!

  36. brandy3 said

    how not to smear your eyeliner. i am very emotional, so my eyeliner is always getting smeared. could use a target to buy my kids some pull ups. your doing great and i love reading everything you write.
    bwalleshauser AT yahoo DOT com

  37. I’m new to your site, so haven’t read all your posts to be able to choose an absolute favorite (I’m indecisive, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to choose just one if I DID read them all LOL), but your post titled “Jesus, Bring the Rain” really spoke to me this morning.

  38. Megan said

    Love your WFMW, especially the weed one! Looks like you are faithful weekly with your tips, or pleas for help! Blog looks great and I plan on coming back to read after the carnival!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. This is an awesome contest! I like the design of your blog and it opened easily for me. I would suggest giving away $25 gift cards on a regular basis;))

    I’m hosting three contests. Stop by!

  40. Hollie said

    Favortie post is easy as I have actually used a suggestion you gave on a WFMW –communicating with your kids teachers and it is working like a gem for this mom of a special needs child. Thanks for that post a few months back!

  41. julie said

    Saturday Stirrings…reminds me of my care packages in college and how much they meant to me

  42. Betsy said

    I had to choose “Worship Song Sunday ~ Bring the Rain by Mercy Me” because that is my favorite song!

  43. Shannon said

    I think a new design would be great.


  44. Nise' said

    I guess you throw like a girl because you are one!! *grin*. I would love to say that will print out the cookie receipe and bake ’em right up. But… I would be lying. I have good intentions, but never get around to them! I see we enjoy some of the same blogs. I will be back! Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  45. amateurdelivre said

    Mmmmmm…Snickerdoodle cookies are yummy – thanks for the recipe. Count me in on the giveaways please!

    amateurdelivre at gmail dot com

  46. Your post “Jesus Bring the Rain” really moved me today. I’m glad the Bloggy Giveaway introduced me to your site. It’s beautifully written! -Julia 🙂

  47. D said

    I am a new blogger so I’ve got nothing for advice. My favorite post-its hard to pick since this is the first time visiting your blog, but I’ll be back.

  48. Stephanie said

    The snickerdoodle recipe, my kids see them at the store, and I tell them no. I would find a recipe to make them, but I see the comments on some that they didn’t turn out good. So a soft good cookie is what I need. Thank you for posting the recipe.

    I love your header too. I throw like a girl too, for what I am made entirely too much fun of by my husband. For improvement, maybe a background to match your header?

  49. Tammy said

    I’m a Target freak…I wander around the store aimlessly almost on a daily basis with a dazed grin on my face ….must.win.this.giveaway!

  50. fizzledink said

    Hey Carol! I’m new to your blog, so take all of this with a grain of salt. For fave posts — I love your “Dear Daughter” and “Dear Son” categories. (I have a two year old, so it’s neat to see & hear from a little-further-along-the-journey mom.) My favorite that I’ve read so far is the “By Any Other Name” post (did I get that title right?) when you write about your 15 year old wanting to change her name — probably because when I was 12 or 13, I swore up & down that I would change my name when I turned 16. (I didn’t do it.) 🙂

    It can be hard with a free WordPress blog to tweak your look (trust me, I know!) – so I think the thing to focus on if you want to increase your readership & comments is to write consistently. I’m not great at it myself, but my favorite blogs to read are the ones I know will be updated often. 🙂 Hope that helps!

  51. Casey said

    First off I love your title! 🙂 I played softball in college. I think one thing that might be interested in your blog is to add more color. I’d have to say my favorite entry…Snickerdoodle recipe!! I love cookies!

  52. I’d have to say that there are really few people who don’t have something worth reading, but to me the biggest thing that keeps your readers is when you visit them and comment to them all the time, too! Good ol’ reciprocation! Thanks for the giveaway. Please enter me!

    Come enter mine for $25 for ebay!

  53. bunthorne said

    The snickerdoodle recipe! I have been looking for a good one for a long time.

  54. Lisa said

    I’d pick Target because I’m there all the time and could really use the card to buy necessities for the house.

  55. Mim said

    I really enjoyed the Jesus, bring the rain post. It is always hard to praise him in the storm but it somehow makes everything so much easier if you do.

  56. ConnieH said

    I love the Saturday Stirrings – Snickerdoodles. Me and my grandaughter love to make cookies so this is a great recipe too that we can try.

  57. pam said

    I love the story about how your daughter wanted to change her name. You seem fun-loving . . . and I like that.

    I like the header, too, and I agree with Stephanie . . . maybe a coordinating background would pull everything together.

    I’ll be back to visit again. Thanks for hosting the great giveaway.

  58. Kim said

    I loved the post where you were transparent and asked for prayer for your family. You didn’t moan and complain or go into gory details, yet it was obvious the need was real and your hear was/is heavy.

  59. Jen Larson said

    Oh my! There are so many good posts on here but my favorite is from a couple days ago – the Snickerdoodle recipe. OOOO – the joy of warm, soft snickerdoodles!!

  60. Lady Why said

    Enter me! Enter me!! Thanks for the great prize!!

  61. Lissete said

    Matters of the Heart. I am woman who had a heart attack at 35 and even then I was looked at (at first) as a hypochondriac. Aside from that, I too get that little fluttery buttterfly thing every once in a while now too.

    I also love snikerdoodles! 🙂

  62. Natalie Thornsberry said

    Woo HOO I love gift Cards.

  63. jessica said

    Jesus Bring the Rain…a great song and such a hard but crucial step of faith to pray this. Thanks!

  64. so honestly i think your doing a great job with your blog! youve got a bit of everything. its dynamic! and thats great! keep the recipes coming! and its great when ur introduced to new songs! 🙂 thanks so much!

  65. Qtpies7~ said

    I don’t know if I’ve seen your blog before, though the title does look familiar.
    I have an asthetic suggestion. I would find it more enjoyable to read if there were a slight color in the background. Bright white is difficult for people who get migraines from light.

  66. Liz said

    I like your post about how to keep your eye liner from smearing! By the way, I throw like a girl too! 🙂 What a great giveaway! Please enter me in your drawing! Thanks!

  67. Sandra Jensen said

    I enjoyed your thoughts about clean shower doors – hey my sister gets younger too!


  68. Jennifer said

    I’d love to see a photo and a quick blurb about you under your scripture in the sidebar there. Just a quick way to connect with the person who I’m reading!

  69. Laura Graham said

    I think Bring the Rain was really good. Please enter me in the contest. Thank you


  70. tami lewis said

    being new to yourblog i would have to say this is my fav post lol all else i could say is to add more color.
    i’d love to win the target card so i can buy something for the baby i’m expecting!

  71. Ginny said

    I’m having a hard time picking a favorite. All of your WFMW posts are great. The snickerdoodles looks very good!

  72. I like your writing and your helpful hints. However, the aesthetics of the blog aren’t great. For example, I would drop the title at the very top and use the decorative banner as the title. It seems redundant as it is. Maybe a pale background color to coordinate with the banner would be pleasing to the eye.

    “Don’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t work online, unfortunately.

    Thanks for doing the giveaway.
    Tiffany Rosson

  73. Mary said

    I’d like to hear the story behind your blog title.

  74. Laura Riddle said

    I like your God, Girlfriends and the Grand Ol’ Opry post because I am from Nashville. The speakers and worship sounds amazing; I wish I could have crossed town and been there.

  75. Ronnica said

    One suggestion: don’t make me hunt to figure out who you are. I did finally see the “about” on the top of the page that lead me to the info, but I might also include a little info or link in the sidebar. I don’t like to read a blog when I don’t know anything about who is behind it and what perspective they are writing from!

    I’m also giving away a Target gift card and a $20 Amazon gift card!

  76. charmed said

    I would love to know the story behind the title. That has to be a good story.

  77. TCC said

    I am drawn to family – and those who are real about it and life. So that is the category I decided to peruse.

    I was tickled by the post I think it was called “By Any Other Name” – about your daughter wanting to change her name. I remember when I was 16 saying that I didn’t want to have children. I did wait a long long time though for a variety of reasons – had my first of two boys at 30. My older son (he is almost 7) also tells me he is never ever going to get married and he wants to live with us forever. 🙂

    Then I read your post titled “Choices…”. Again, I’m pretty sure that was the title. Anyway, it dealt with family going through tough stuff. I loved when you said “Then it is our job to keep on choosing faith, choosing joy, choosing life.” This is so true and the choice is sometimes made during some really tough stuff. It was good to hear someone else say this besides me.

    I will definitely be back to read more.

    Oh…regarding gift card choice. The practical side of me wants to say Target but I’m thinking it might be really nice to go to Starbucks a couple of times. So, I’m going to say ‘Starbucks’ and hope I win. 🙂

  78. Suzanne Lewis said

    Fave: WFMW – A Picture is Worth A Thousand Brushes

  79. Shalee said

    Okay, I’m not trying to double dip… But I have to tell you that for some reason, your header didn’t come up when I was looking over your blog. Forget what I said; I love your header as it IS eyecatching and fun.

  80. julie said

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!!

    do you like to cook? you could add recipes to your blog. i love reading about new recipes.

  81. Dawn said

    I think your blog looks great, but I’m a sucker for pictures and images …. I think they always make a blog more attractive. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  82. Liz said

    I like your worship song Sundays. I haven’t seen anyone else doing that and definitely like knowing what good songs others are listening to. I’ll be checking back in.

  83. Laura Ch. said

    The “WFMW- How to keep your eyeliner from smearing” is an immediate favorite. Now, think you could write one about how to keep mascara from giving me the raccoon eyes?? I dont like using waterproof mascara, because I heard it stays on your lashes TOO long (it’s waterproof after all!) and can cause bacteria. Is there no winning?? Any tips you have would be fantastic!

    Happy carnival!

  84. Tanya said

    I like your “Gods Thoughts” post after reading some of Lucado’s book. It caught my eye because I read his books too.

  85. Annabelle said

    My favorite post I read today was “Jesus Bring The Rain”. The devotional you shared at the end of it, touched me. Thank you!!

  86. Tip: comment, comment, comment on other blogs. When they return to comment on yours reciprocate by returning to their blog.

    Favorite post: snickerdoodles. I LOVE recipes.

    P.S. I’d improve the site by labelling all your posts which include recipes as such so they can be easily found. I’ve tried so many recipes of found on blogs however I always love having a greater ease of finding them.

    Please feel free to pop by and say hello.


  87. Bonita said

    Love the title of your blog and would like to hear more about it. The only other suggestion I have is to add a little more color to the blog for those of us who are very visual.

  88. I love “God’s Thoughts” by Max Lucado. “You Are Special” is one of my favorite books. He’s the best.

  89. I loved the Future hubby post. Really loved it. So glad to have discovered your blog. You are my kinda girl (I discovered that in your 100 things post – ha, ha that’s right I read more than one post!)

    Really looking forward to coming back and reading even more when the giveaway frenzy is over (and my week of dentist visits (*ugh*) is over too).

    I put you in my bloglines so I won’t forget!


  90. I loved the Future hubby post. Really loved it. So glad to have discovered your blog. You are my kinda girl (I discovered that in your 100 things post – ha, ha that’s right I read more than one post!)

    Really looking forward to coming back and reading even more when the giveaway frenzy is over (and my week of dentist visits (*ugh*) is over too).

    I put you in my bloglines so I won’t forget!


  91. I like the post about getting ideas for different frustrating things. Like cleaning your shower doors, eye smuges ect. Nice to hear from others about what has worked for them. Thanks.

  92. Chelsey said

    WFMW – How to keep your eye liner from smearing is a great post! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  93. Tara said

    I found your entry “The Story of Future Husband and Flirty Girl.” insightful. It was fun, told me a bit about your life .

  94. Emily said

    Well, it was an easy decision for me. “Saturday Stirrings ~ Snickerdoodle Cookies” has my name all over it! I love recipes!

  95. Paige said

    Hmmm, I would say add more color.

  96. Natalie said

    Your post about the Italian opera cracked me up…I know opera’s so great and everything, but it’s just TOO dramatic! :p

  97. Debbie said

    I love the cookie recipe thanks.

  98. mzzterry said

    I like your Worship songs on Sundays. I appreciate bloggers who keep the focus of Sunday post on worship and scripture, I think its important for our testimony. I have visited you before, I am comfy here!

  99. Des said

    I can relate with the post “Jesus, Bring the Rain”. It reminded me of a favorite song by Kathryn Nelson. Hope it’s not too long and obnoxious to put on here. It’s beautiful. (btw, I LOVE the name of your blog!)
    ~Sometimes He Lets It Rain~

    She sees the storm clouds gather.
    The sky is turning cold and gray.
    She knows that something’s coming
    When she starts to feel this way.
    She pleads for intervention,
    But heaven offers no relief.
    And she would understand if she could only see that

    Sometimes He lets it rain.
    He lets the fierce winds blow.
    Sometimes it takes a storm
    To lead a heart where it can grow.
    He can move mountains of grief
    And oceans of pain
    But sometimes He lets it rain.

    When her heart surrenders
    To the Master in control
    Her spirit learns the lessons of the tempest in her soul.
    When it’s no longer raging
    She can see how far she’s come
    Through the wisdom and the mercy of the Son.

    Here’s a sound clip. http://images.deseretbook.com/sound-clips/mp3/50/100059650-4240.mp3

  100. Brandi said


    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  101. hey! LOVE the recipes. label them! that would be awesome.

    steph seefeldt

  102. Shannon said

    Maybe if you brightened things up a bit. I love the name of your blog….really catches someone’s attention!

    I love recipes…so keep ’em coming!

  103. Courtney said

    I like helpful hints or stories from the trenches. And I’d love a Target gift card!

  104. Marsha said

    My favorite post is also the Snickerdoodles. My daughter will be moving away to start college soon. We’re big dessert freaks and bake some type of sweet treat a couple of times a week. I know this is one thing she’ll really miss when she moves and that I’ll also be sending those care packages to her.

  105. mamacita said

    Wow! Either one of these would be great. 🙂 Thanks!

  106. I thought your “Choices” post was touching. I believe in keeping it real and telling the good along with the bad, rather than just writing about the good times in life. It’s the trials and the joys that make us who we are, and your post is a testament how faith works for us during the hard times.

  107. suzanne said

    I love the post with Max Lucado’s book quotes. I saw him as a guest at Women of Faith. His stuff really speaks to me.

  108. Hannah said

    ~WFMW ~ Caring for Your Roses~ Were in Southern CA did you move? We moved from Southern CA almost two years ago after being there ten years. We lived in LA county and being about an hour from LA that city had started moving into our little town. Plus, I love roses and this post gave me some great tips and ideas.

  109. Pam M. said

    Dearest Carol,

    My favorite post of yours has been “The Story of Future Husband and Flirty Girl.” Reading it was like being knocked upside my head with a holy 2X4. I have many “Flirty Girls” in my life, some living under various aliases and some not even girls. They are: “Nasty Coworker,” “Ignorant Neighbor,” “Manipulative In-Law,” “Judgmental Church Family Member,” and probably the worst and saddest for me, “Insensitive/Coldhearted Spouse.” It is just SO much easier for me to write them off, view myself as so much better than they are and justify why dealing with and forgiving them is a next to impossible feat. I saw myself very clearly in this post, and the view was not a flattering one, albeit a necessary one. I am so very grateful for it, Carol, and for the lesson that it continues to teach me when I must daily come face-to-face with the above mentioned folks. Thank you, darlin’!

  110. Summer said

    I think a custom look always does wonders for a blog. 🙂


  111. Alison said

    I love the recipes, too hard to just pick on of those.

  112. Amy A said

    Jesus, Bring the Rain was a very touching post. Thanks for reminding me to praise God for the hard times that send me running to Him. I hope your family’s difficulties work out soon.
    Thanks for the chance to win the GC!

  113. Heidi Y said

    I like your WFMW eyeliner post. I’m a beauty consulant, so it was nice to read how other people apply their makeup 🙂 Thanks for this great giveaway!!

  114. MelS said

    Oh, that’s easy…the Snickerdoodles!! Those are my favorite food in the whole wide world. Also, I think some color would be nice on your site. Part of me likes the clean look, but I’m a sucker for color. And lots of it.

    Oh, and our Target has a Starbucks in it, so a Target card would allow me to indulge in both!! I love whoever had THAT idea!

  115. passion4jc said

    I love your post on bringing the rain… incidentally I love that song by Mercy Me. It’s so hard to let the Lord bring rain on our lives but it’s the only way for us to really appreciate the sunshine He also brings after the rains.

  116. seven said

    I like the “My Daughter, Joshua” post and the Snickerdoodle recipe. I like your sense of humor!

  117. Marci said

    I would LOVE to know more about YOU!!! You seem like a fun and great person. Thanks for the giveaway. I would love the Target gift card, as we don’t drink coffee.

  118. Lindsie said

    I would love to see more color!

  119. Kelley said

    I think my fav. is caring for your roses. I too am a transplant ( from Illinois) and amazed every year at all the things that grow. I have a little mug of lilacs on my desk now…they smell great.
    Anywho, love the site and thanks for the contest!

  120. NerdMom said

    I like that you have the practical and the fun! I like the WFMW eye liner brush post. I am using an angle brush but it wasn’t working as well as I would like but now I have seen some other choices! I would love a Starbucks card! I just emptied my last one and I don’t want a Starbucks fast!

  121. Emily said

    I enjoyed your post about her daughter wanting to change her name. I’m not sure how I would feel in a situation like that! I’m sure she’ll also change her mind about having kids some day 😉

  122. jennifer bowen said

    wow i would love to wi a gift card to target thanks

  123. multitaskingmama said

    I love the recipes! Keep sharing those!!

  124. Sandra said

    I haven’t read through everything…but the one that struck me today, and that I needed to hear was “God’s Thoughts”. It is amazing how closed minded we get some days, how blinded we are to what is important, how deluded we are by our culture and it’s expectations. Thank you for reminding me of this.

  125. Kim said

    To be honest, I don’t even remember what you’re giving away. But if I win, I’ll take it!
    I went back through and read some of your posts so I could honestly give my thoughts and my mind can only hold so much stuff and now I’m havin’ a little praise session listening to the youtube songs you post so…where was I going with this?
    Oh yeah. I think you do a great job on your blog. And I love your header! So I wouldn’t change a thing. Unless, of course, you win a blog makeover. Couldn’t let that go to waste. 🙂

  126. tanyetta said

    I like your about post.


    I’m married to my high school sweetheart too 😉

    Count me in for the giveaway too. Please. thank you ! 🙂

  127. gail said

    love your post on the song bring the rain. i’m the opposite of you, my burdens are plain to see for the world, sometimes i wish they weren’t. but i love that line, bring anything that brings you glory! that’s how i embrace my life. i’m in my 40’s too and i have a disabled child who is alot of work, but a joy to our family. my husband had an accident 5 years ago and is now legally blind and retraining for a new career. there’s other stuff too but that’s the most noticible about our family.

    i know i’ll be coming back here to read more. love your title–just tickles my funny bone. and i’d love to win a starbucks card from you. thanks for your generosity.

    gail in idaho

  128. Beverlydru said

    Your post titled “I believe I am now banned from the bike shop” is my favorite to date. It gives a glimpse into your life, is written well and has humor in it. I started reading your blog because it has nice variety… recipes, serious stuff AND humor. I am now a regular for all those reasons in addition to the sense of friendship and connection that has developed. Good stuff! Please and pretty please put my name in the hat for the give-away.

  129. Ann said

    I love the “funny stuff” category. We all like to laugh and the “filled with the spirit” is hilarious. Please count me in for the giveaway!

  130. Cindy said

    I like your stories, but my favorite post was “We’ll just say he was filled with the Spirit.” I have two boys and this made me laugh out loud.

  131. Mom24 said

    I loved your shower doors post! Could I ever relate!

  132. corrin said

    Hi. Love your header. Some more color on your sidebar would be good. Makes it a little more interesting visually.

  133. Ashley said

    I am a visual person so I would suggest adding more pictures to posts. But your blog also seems great as is. Thanks for the chance to win!

  134. Kindra said

    I love the header! I would like to know more about you in the side column and I love pictures! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  135. Hi–I would like to see some color on your page…maybe some pink!

  136. jen said

    I loved the “My Daughter, Joshua” post! I am the mom of two little girls (age 2 & 4) so I know the day will come when I will be praying for the same luck with their first boyfriends!

  137. Sarah A. said

    I loved your ‘100 Things About Me’ because I feel it really makes a person sit down and think about themselves. You also learn some quirky things about the person.

  138. Claire said

    I like your post about how to keep your eye liner from smearing. I’ve never tried an angled brush before-that might do the trick for me! Love reading tips like this on blogs.

  139. laura said

    Give me more recipes!
    I love to try something new!!!

  140. Jawan said

    My favorite post is definitely BY ANY OTHER NAME. It’s kind of scary in a way….my little girl is only 9 months old and this post makes me a little frightened of her getting older and “telling” me what she wants. I’m pooped just thinking about it.

  141. mom2fur said

    I could make good use of a Target gift card! If I had to pick a fave, I’d say your Salad for Easter WFMW post–’cause everything tastes better with bacon! (Well, almost!)
    My e-mail is lufmikidz at aol dot com. Thanks!

  142. Gotta say that cookie recipe… I’m a big recipe fan! Love the tips and tricks, too….

  143. Kookaburra said

    One of my favorite posts is your WFMW post on cleaning carpet stains. We are always looking for effective carpet cleaners. We’ve used Resolve alot and have had alot of success with that. Now we’ll have to try the Woolite you suggested.

  144. Jennifer said

    The giveaway actually led me to your site, so I have not read much. I looked at several things, and I like the idea of your Worship Song Sunday posts. If I had to recommend something to help keep me coming back, it would be perhaps more color to the site. Thanks for hosting this giveaway. I would love to win the Target card. I will do some more looking around. I see the snickerdoodle post is very popular…

  145. chickadee said

    love target!

  146. chunque said

    Love you guys!!! Mean it!!!


  147. abrianna said

    My favorite post is the Help for water spots on glass dooors

  148. Kim said

    I’ve been enjoying your Saturday Stirrings posts. The halibut I think stands out the most, although the snickerdoodles rank up there too!

  149. This is my first time here, so I haven’t read many of your posts yet. The one about chaperoning your daughter’s opera trip made me laugh. 🙂

    Target = my favorite place!

  150. This is my first time here, so I haven’t read many of your posts yet. The one about chaperoning your daughter’s opera trip made me laugh. 🙂

    Target = my favorite place!

  151. I enjoyed this post, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”. What a great message. 🙂 I needed to read it. 🙂

    Oh and I’d choose target. 🙂

  152. Brittney said

    Oh my gosh! I can sooooooooooo relate to your I believe I am now banned from the bike shop post! My father and hubby are avid bicyclest as well. They too started as mountain bikers and recently joined in the road biking. They have gone on biking trips across the state of FL as well as a few others.

    I do have to say – they have come home with the injuries but the injury from the bike store is definately a new one on me!

    Great blog! I will definately be back! You really should try the road biking its a blast!!!

  153. Janice J said

    So far my favorite is the snickerdoodle cookies, but honestly this is my first visit for a while so haven’t read them all, but I will be back!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  154. Theresa Shafer said

    OK, time to give advise:

    1. WFMW – How to keep your eye liner from smearing with link to WFMW – A Picture is Worth A Thousand Brushes. It told me how with good directions and then showed me.

    2.Improve with more pictures.

    Want me to come back – how do you get your ends to met with 6 loving children. Give examples. We all now need to stretch that dollar.

    Thank you

  155. Colleen said

    I agree with everybody else, I like the snickerdoodles post.

  156. Annette said

    I like the eyeliner from smearing post. This happens to me all too often
    Thanks for the chance

  157. Sarah P. said

    I love that you have Worship Song Sunday! I have a scripture Sunday and another fellow blogger has Then Sings My Soul Sunday. I’ve been thinking about having a similar post! 😀

  158. I like the sat. stirrings post. Maybe make your header brighter?

  159. Perhaps you could add more color and add photos to your blog to make it more interesting. I am a visual kind of person so I like looking at pictures :).


  160. Twila said


    I am also an empty nester wife of a avid Mountain Biker turned semi-Roadie who would give anything for me to join him in his passion! Both times I was almost near giving in on the Road bike HE broke a bone (while off-roading – which is all you can do on a mountain bike in Florida due to the lack of Mountains)….. he shattered his collar bone the day before Mother’s Day 2006 followed by his Scapula (I think the chicken wing part on your back) being shattered the day before Thanksgiving the same year……and yet sitting in the emergency room he tells me how much fun he had and how great it would be to share that time together……

  161. Kim said

    Great blog! Just reading through the posts I really like the way that you write. I really enjoyed (and I do meant that) the post, Jesus, Bring the Rain, posted on April 14th. Sounds like me.

    I think that good blogs are those that are as honest as they can be. I’ll be coming back.

    Have a lot of fun with your giveaway! Don’t forget to come on over and enter mine.

  162. Sandra said

    I just noticed that my email from above wasn’t listed so I am adding it here. I posted above about “God’s thoughts”…sorry for the double post.


  163. Jamie said

    I liked your 100 things post…I found your blog shortly before you did that post, it’s a great way to learn a little more about the person behind the blog. I also liked your shower door posts, because I can so relate to that issue.

  164. Audra said

    I really liked your posts with different tips- Also the one about how to celebrate Easter. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  165. Sarah said

    I love how you do the ‘worship song’ themed posts. It’s nice when reading around on blogs to find Christian music that reminds you of your priorities.

  166. I would love to know a bit more about you! Thanks for the giveaway!

  167. Shane said

    Your blog has a very unique name, which is great. The only thing I would suggest is adding more color to your blog…maybe make the background color something other than white. I really like visiting visually pleasing blogs. Thanks for the generous giveaways by the way. Target is one of my favorite stores!

  168. Barb said

    I have to say, Jesus bring the rain.
    That was a very powerful post.

    Know that you and yours will be in my prayers.


  169. Thanks for the giveaway! I think I would use a diff font at the top (where the title is shown) other than Times New Roman!

  170. Good questions to ask! I might just have to ask something similar next quarter.:)

    I love your 100 Things and would love to know more about the title on your header and your Gratitude Journal as mentioned in https://carolmehl.wordpress.com/2007/11/05/torn-between-two-topics/

    If you get a minute, stop by my blog and sign up for my giveaway at http://threepsinapod.blogspot.com/2008/04/bloggy-giveaway-time.html



  171. Trey Baer said

    I like the front page because it looks so cool and awesome.

  172. Un Ballo in Maschera or Carol Goes to the Opera

    My dd was born in Italy, so we’ve been teaching her Italian phrases since birth. Funny post.

    If I win I’d love a Target card.

  173. Melody said

    I liked the “100 Things” post. It made me smile as it went on. You have a good sense of humor. You have also moved around a lot like my husband and I,but we moved around when we were kids.

  174. Rachel said

    I loved the Snickerdoodle post. I love cookies! :o)

  175. Erica G said

    i like the recipe posts. The ones that you post are down to earth and easy to do. Thanks!

  176. Kristine said

    Worship Song Sunday is a neat idea that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Thanks.

  177. Jen said

    I just found your site, so I haven’t gotten a chance to pick a favorite, but I like your blog title so I may have to keep reading. I think some more color might make reading more enticing! And Target and Starbucks are DEF enticing! 🙂

  178. Kirstin said

    What an awesome give a way. I would say just add more color to your blog. Even pictures…I’m visual and like to look at color and stuff!

  179. Sally said

    I always appreciate a makeup trick, and I often have been seen with “raccoon eyes.”

  180. Mel said

    The tip you posted about the Rain-X on shower doors is hands-down one of the best tips I’ve ever read on any subject.

    Great contest!

  181. liz said

    i instantly went to the “banned from the bike shop post”. my husband is getting into road biking and it seems we go to the bike shop frequently. i just wanted to see if your husband keeps his bike in the dining room instead of the garage. . . i guess not ; )

    i’d love the gift card – always great for. . . diapers.


  182. Mel said

    I like your 100 things and think it is great post to let new readers get to know you. I know it doesn’t matter what is on the outside, but rather what is inside, but I have to admit that I go for looks first. Adding a background or some additional color on the blog would be my suggestion. Please sign me up for your awesome giveaway!!

  183. Julie said

    I’m not sure what you could do to get me to read. I’ve found lots of awesome blogs (like yours) but I still don’t have time to read them all. So many blogs…so little time.

  184. My advice…. pictures for your recipes!
    That is always a selling point for me… usually I’m like wandering through blogs then I see a picture and I instantly want to cook it!

  185. Toni said


    I really enjoyed the adventures in pet sitting. How funny. I am always have that fear when I have to turn off someones alarm system…

    I would love the Target gift card.


  186. Elliemae said

    I just read your post I {heart} blogs. I really enjoyed it. I absolutely love my blog. It is an outlet where paper just wouldn’t do.

  187. Michele said

    I really lke your 100 things category…I’m all about lists…keep going with that…easy to read and infomative and fun!

  188. A little color might be nice :).

    Please enter me. Thank you!

  189. Emily said

    Oh my, your snickerdoodles sound FABULOUS!!! My husband is a cookie monster, and I can’t wait to try them out! Great giveaway!

  190. bobbie said

    I think you should have links on the side of your favorite posts.
    I would love a target card, thank you for doing this.
    God Bless

  191. Becky said

    Well, let’s see, I bookmarked 2 of your posts – the snickerdoodle recipe and the post on caring for your roses. I’m in Southern CA, so the timeline is appropriate (I always obsess over when to cut them back).
    Thank you for a wonderful giveaway!

  192. Nadine said

    I’d have to go with the snickerdoodle recipe! My family would love that, and I might make it this weekend! Thanks for the recipe.

    They could have that & I could have a Starbucks Frappuccino. Yummy!

  193. Sarah Berry said

    My favorite post is “By Any Other Name” because I remember wanting to change my name when I was that age also. I hated walking into a store and hearing my name muliple times but never referring to me. I just had my first daughter and oops her name is not very original either. Oh well I suppose if it would have been then she would have been upset because it was weird.

    I would like to see a background. Something warm and inviting.

  194. I loved the tip from your last WFMW post! Enter me please!!!

  195. Daphne said

    I agree with wanting to know why you throw like a girl and what does that mean? So, it would be good to put a little more about you and your life at the top of the blog. We have some of the same favorite blogs, so that tells me that we might have some of the same interests.

    I would love either card. Although, if I get the Target gift card, I can get Starbuck’s too, which is inside Target here. Thanks!

  196. kailani said

    If You Give a Man a New TV!

  197. Rhonda Sanson said

    My favorite is the “We’ll just say he was filled with the Spirit” video. Why? Well, its just freakin’ hilarious! I’ve never seen that before.

  198. Ebie said

    actually i think the category add was a good call, i think that will help people find posts they’re interested in quickly

    i would take either GC, but i suppose for practicality’s sake i’ll go target

  199. Julie said

    Your entry title Jesus, Bring the Rain really spoke to me. I’ve been going through a really rough time lately, and the only thing that I keep falling back on is that Jesus loves me and God knows what He is doing. I hold tight to that.

  200. Michelle B said

    My favorite post would be the soft snickerdoodle cookie recipe. I want to try these. A soft snickerdoodle sounds wonderful.
    A choice between Target or Starbucks. So hard to choose but I am going to say Target.

  201. Kristi said

    I love your header…it is so classy. I am partial to reading blogs with larger font sizes of lettering. I like ones where the words jump out at me. If I had the choice, I would take Target hands down.

  202. Tracey said

    I think your blog needs more color. I love the header picture though. Good luck!!!

  203. kim h said

    i like blogs. with pictures and not wait a long time to scroll down.

  204. Kyra said

    You could use a new header on your blog. Something more eye-catching.

  205. Naomi said

    this is so shallow, but I wish your background wasn’t quite so bright white… a more muted color would be easier on the eyes… the white kind of glares at me.

    please stop by my blog and enter my contests, too!

  206. Peggie said

    I love your header! I like baseball and found your header and title appealing.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  207. Sheila said

    A better color in your header. Something more interesting.

  208. denise said

    I’d have to pick the college son conversations. I have 3 little boys (7 yo & 3 yo twins), so college conversations seem so far away!!

  209. Janet said

    $25. gift card to Target and cookie recipe sounds great!

  210. Emily N. said

    My favorite posts are the WFMW – How to keep your eye liner from smearing and the Saturday Stirrings dessert recipes. I love beauty products and baking quick & easy sweets.

  211. Amanda said

    I like to see a little bit more color on the blogs. I LOVE bright colors.

    I like your writing style though.

  212. lace said

    Your bike post was great. I purchased a bike last year and spent a good amount of time trying out all kinds of bikes. My shopping trips didn’t turn out like yours though, which I am greatful for. I hope your arm healed well.

  213. lace said

    sorry about the double post.

    I forgot to mention I would like the Target card if I won.

  214. Debra Ford said

    I’m a gardener and a baker, so I was drawn to your posts about taking care of roses (I’m trying to grow some from bareroot for the first time this year), and the recipe for snickerdoodles. I have one I copied from one of my mom’s cookbooks, but I think I got a measurement wrong. They never come out like moms. Maybe yours will be the ticket! As for suggestions, I don’t have a blog and wouldn’t know the first thing about setting one up. I’m in awe of anyone who could take on such an endeavor, and you should be so proud of yourself. Keep posting.

  215. Gina said

    I’d love to see a little more color in your blog. Colors = happy and cheery 😉

  216. I think I’d like to read a blog with more recipes that are kid/family friendly. Your snickerdoodles sound good, so I wonder what you’ve made for your kids for dinners that have been a huge hit.

    I heart Target!

  217. Icedream said

    I enjoyed Caring For Your Roses because I am not a natural green thumb and I need all the pointers I can get! 😀

  218. Elaine Rosser said

    I liked your post about how to take care of roses.

  219. Carolsue said

    The Pets section. I’m a animal freak so I love to read anything at all about our animal friends!

  220. Debbie said

    Hi. I liked your post of 100 things. That really helped me to feel like I know you, and find things in common!

  221. Very cute blog title! I was immediately drawn to the Snickerdoodles post, as those are some of my favorite cookies!!! I might have to try this recipe!!!!

  222. Carol G said

    I love the header. your site is easy to manuever. However, the white background makes it a tiny bit hard to read…the glare and all. Even a slight change in hue would help reduce eye strain, and isn’t that what we all need? A reduction of strain? 🙂

  223. Cayce said

    I loved the post about your trip to the Opera with your daughter!
    Very funny!

  224. Shay said

    Well I like your snickerdoodles best b/c I love cookies. As for improvements I love color.

  225. Alaina said

    I really liked your 100 Things post because it was interesting, funny, and was a clever get-to-know you.

  226. Becky said

    100 Things are fun to know!!

  227. Tricia said

    I enjoyed reading “Jesus, bring the rain” as a reminder to value Him greater than all else.

  228. Lane said

    I love your snickerdoodle post! I love cookie recipes! Fantastic Giveaway!

  229. marcia v said

    WFMW – A Picture is Worth A Thousand Brushes I liked this post because I need the help–and your snickeer doodle recipe would be even better w/ a colorful shot of a plate of cookies or a cookie sheet of the cookies

  230. Sarah said

    Since this is my first time to your blog…I would say add some color~ 🙂 I love colors!

    What a thoughtful and generous prize! I would pick the Target card!
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  231. sue bull said

    more photos – that way we can get the whole picture! i’m playing along too – come visit!

  232. Chrysa said

    I liked your post on How to keep your eye liner from smearing – very very helpful! Good job with the blog, I’m really not sure what you could do to improve it, except just keep doing more of the same and interesting posts!

  233. Zara said

    My favorite is the recipe post for the snickerdoodle cookies, because I plan to try it out. 🙂

  234. Karla said

    My favorite would have to be the WFMW post on caring for roses. We just bought a new house about a month ago and much to my delight there are 2 rose bushes in the back yard. I know enough about raising roses to know that they need pruning about now… but other than that I was pretty clueless, so I’m glad to find your post. I’ll bookmark it to refer to just as soon as I find my pruning shears!

  235. Jenny said

    Love your receipes & gardening tips. I also love Starbucks & Target so please enter me too! Only thing I can recommend is a light color in your background. The white is glaring.

  236. amanda said

    i browsed a bit…and then decided that my favorite post (mind you…of the handful i was able to read) was “My Daughter, Joshua”…i simply find the last line wonderful…”But God, in His infinite mercy, has seen fit that the first boy that she would really like would live over 1000 miles away.” Oh that God would shower me with that same mercy when both of my girls get to that age!

    i will definitely be back!
    theyakmom AT yahoo DOT come

  237. Maranda said

    I am new to the site, but I am very interested. In my opinion, I really enjoy the darker background instead of the white, makes it a little easier on the eye. Anyway, thank you for the opportunity. God Bless!

  238. Faye said

    This is my first time visiting your blog. I think the content is great, but I would LOVE to see more pictures!

    Thanks for the opportunuty to win a GC!

  239. Susan said

    I love “Jesus, Bring the Rain” – such a “real” and vulnerable post, and I can relate to a lot in it. I’m 43 also and am facing tough times in many ways …

    Would love to win!

  240. thecoolmom said

    I like the bike post. My dh is a bike fanatic too and I just don’t get it. He thinks 100 mile bike races sound like fun. Me? Not so much. Nutty is the word that comes to mind.

  241. Rose Y said

    I enjoyed the Snickerdoodle post. Snickerdoodles are my favoriet cookie.

  242. Carol said

    How I enjoyed Very Exciting Trip to the DMV. You are wonderful.

  243. Patti said

    I think your title is great, I just found you through the giveaways, but you’re bookmarked! Ask this question again in a week when everything isn’t so hectic! Then you’ll get even better answers! Sorry, I’m not much help!

  244. Dawn Rene said

    Recipes, recipes! We love them!

    Almost as much as we love Target and Starbucks!!

  245. Stacey said

    I should say Target, but I’ll say Starbucks and make it a splurge card.

    radiationchic (at) hotmail (dot) com

  246. Stacey said

    Oops, only half my post went on that first one.

    I actually really appreciated the snickerdoodle recipe. My husband loves those and I’ve been looking for a recipie.

    Great give away. Hard to say which would be nicer to have. I should say Target, but I’ll say Starbucks and make it a splurge card.

    radiationchic (at) hotmail (dot) com

  247. Julie said

    I really like your 100 Things post — it gives us a way to get to know you in a witty way. I would add a splash of color to your background. I love your blog, especially your scripture in your sidebar.

    Thanks for the giveaway — I’d vote for Target.

  248. elizabeth said

    maybe add some color to your page? i love your profile picture!!

  249. katie said

    This is the first time I’ve visited your blog, but I will definitely be back again. I read several of your posts under your “dear husband” category, and I really enjoyed how you incorporated scripture into day to day things. It’s a great reminder of the way we really need to live.

  250. Carrie said

    I would love to know more about you…just what you like, your dreams and prayers! Maybe a link at the top??
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  251. Autumn said

    My favorite post is your snickerdoodle recipe. Those are some awesome cookies!

    I’d love to see more pictures and a different background color on the blog. I love your title and header! Cute!

  252. I love the 100 things post. They are always so much fun. I’m jealous of #26, but not #37.

  253. Jerri said

    Caring for your roses was a great post and a good reminder to get out and fertilize my roses!

  254. Jeannie said

    I’m going to answer on question # 2! I really don’t think there is anything you can do…you just got a new reader from the blog give-away!!! I will be back for sure! I love the name of your blog and the pic up top! I’m a baseball FREAK! Love it!!! I’m a huge Braves fan!

    Now fo a little answer to question #1! I like 100 Things! When I’m new to a blog I always look for 100 Things!!! It tells you soooooooooooooo much about the person and who they are and where they came from!!!

    I did 100 things as one of my first post! I’ve only been a blogger since December!

    Stop over at my blog if you get a chance!
    I will be back to yours!
    I love new blog friends!!!

  255. she said

    I love your 100 things. Those are always my faves, because I can get to learn things about people! You’re very interesting!!

    I’d love the Target (pronounced Tar-zjay) gift card. hehe

  256. Kaitlin M said

    Your 100 things list! It’s such an entertaining way of getting to know you.

    Thanks for the giveaway… I love Target!

  257. Hazel said

    I think more recipes like the snickerdoodle post would be awesome. Everyone likes cookies.

  258. Andria said

    I agree with the above; recipes are always great. Maybe a few more colors- but keep the white background.

    I am offering giveaway all week also! Make sure you come by and enter, as well as read my blog on everything from parenting, life, marriage, and my trip through infertility.

  259. How bout if I answer BOTH #1 & #2 😀

    #1 – The blog post I would have to say that I love is “Jesus bring the rain”. Why? Because it’s “real”… you opened your heart up and shared who you are. THAT in my opinion is a great blogger!
    #2 What would keep me coming back… WELL, I would LOVE to win a Starbucks card, so if I win that then most DEFINITELY will be coming back! haha! No, I’m joking… I love some of the practical tips you’ve handed out… 🙂
    Theresa Marie

  260. darci said

    Maybe a colored backround?
    I would love a starbucks card b/c we dont’ have a Target in a small city. But maybe I could use it online? hmm.

  261. Lindsey said

    I’d like an explanation of the tite–is it from a personal story?

  262. I think my favorite post of your is “Jesus Bring the Rain”. I really like that song, and it just seems so appropriate to what our family is going through right now.

    My husband and I have been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for 4 years now, and we have become foster parents with the intent to adopt. We started the fostering journey 2 years ago this month, and still have not received a placement. We want so badly to have more children so that our 14 year old can have siblings. We don’t understand why it’s not happening, and many times it is heart-breaking to think about. We even have a crib set up in our bedroom, awaiting the arrival of a little one…it’s been set up for over a year now.

    My parents are also going through something very devastating, which could force them to lose everything that they have…house, cars, jobs, etc. They’ve already lost half of their income, which is devastating enough, but if this continues, things will get really bad for them.

    So thank you for your post. We are Christians, and we are so grateful that, even in the midst of such trials (SO minor in comparison to what Christ went through, and what others all over the world go through), we have hope in God. He IS in control, and He loves us, and shelters us and holds us in His hands. His timing is perfect and His ways are higher than ours. It’s NOT easy, but it’s worth it in the end to be counted faithful.

    God bless,

    (Sorry this was so long.)

  263. Marilyn said

    Hmm…I like the WFMW hints. Can never get too many helpful tips!

    I could sure use that $25 Target card. Thanks for the giveaway!

  264. Janelle said

    Hey I like your 100 things post. As for improvements, I like color in blogs. Maybe more color in the layout! I love the name. 🙂

  265. Doris said

    I love your post from April 16, the WFMW Caring for your roses. Why? Because it is a perfect example of how our attitudes can impact our qulity of life. It’s important to make the best of every day and every situation, just as you did in finding the beauty of your situation and purpose in those roses and plants in your environment.

  266. Mary said

    Hmmm…suggestions would be maybe to add some color to your blog. I always like things that are bright and make me happy when I am reading. Other than that – thank for the opportunity to enter your contest.

  267. Serenity said

    I found your site through the carnival, so I can’t comment on a favorite post, but a catchy design is what will drive me to read a post at all. Hope that helps!

  268. Jessica said

    I agree with an earlier commenter (sp?), I’d love to hear about how you throw like a girl! I can relate!

  269. Sally said

    I left a comment earlier about your raccoon eyes, but I neglected to leave my email address. (I’m new at this!)
    However, I would now like to add that I like your heading; it’s unique, and it seems to say something about YOU! If you change anything about your blog, you might try adding pictures and some background color.
    smilingsal 55 at yahoo dot com

  270. I think your blog is set up really nicely. I like the tabs at the top. I think I would move the catagories up above the blogroll. Most folks will want to easily navigate around YOUR blog more than hopping to another blog. I also respond to color more than stark white. But it looks great!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  271. Stephanie said

    A suggestion for your blog is to make it more interesting visually, the design is kind of lacking. Everyone loves color, pictures, etc.

  272. HeAtHeR said

    I think to make your blog more appealing or to add more people’s wanting to comment. would be to add more color, or maybe add more of a design to go with your theme or “throwing like a girl” (which I totally dig)

  273. Heather Rhodes said

    So far I like the site. I love the top banner – very whimsical. When I am looking for blogs to read regularly, I tend to gravitate toward people I have things in common with so I would like to see a blurb up near the top about who you are. (I hope I did not miss it). I do like how the entries are filed under categories. That is helpful


    hersheygirl74 at yahoo dot com

  274. Mary said

    My favorite blog of yours is about being banned from the Bike Shop. It sounds so vaguely familiar to me, but I did not end up with a broken wrist, I instead ended up toppling over some 50+ bicycle displays and ripping my pants. My husband was uncertain if he should help me up or help upright the bikes I had just toppled- some of them costing in the thousands! I managed to upright myself, place my jacket over the hole in my pants and waltz out of the store. I told my husband who had been trying to get me to go biking with him for more then a year, that that was sign from God of the damage I could do if I were placed on a bike and I think I will take that as a warning and stay off of bikes. As for your blog, I am glad that I found it through another bloggers site and I just really enjoy your endearing blogs, many of them make me go, “see I am not alone!”

  275. Lynette said

    I liked the article about caring for your roses. I am planning on planting some in our yard. I also liked how you talked about being content where you are. I don’t necessarily love where I live but when I look around I find many reasons to enjoy it. Thanks, oh, I would love the Target gift card, that is by far my favorite store!!!!

  276. Tammy said

    Hi nice lady! Where have you been for the last 20 years in my life. The best post ever is WFMW – How to keep your eye liner from smearing — I can only wear liquid eyeliner for fear of being mistaken for Ricky Raccoon or one of the Incredibles. That is an awesome post, and you bet I will be back for more advice!

  277. Zara said

    I like the post with your snickerdoodle cookie recipe because I plan to try it out. 🙂

  278. joan o said

    Just found your site but why do you say you throw like a girl as if it is a bad thing??? Anyway maybe would like to learn a few more things about you. Perhaps when I have more time I will check out more and find answer myself.

  279. Lee said

    I’m a recipe kind of gal. So snickerdoodles sounds great and I’d love to see more.

  280. Rachel said

    Great blog! Your stories are inspiring. My favorite is “I believe I am now banned from the bike shop” because it reminds me of something I would do, and have done in the past, though mine had to do with camping. LOL

    Thanks !

  281. tammy b said

    well, i’m new to your site so i did a bit of perusing (i’m also a coffee addict) and i must say, i found your blog charming. your style is very compatible with mine which i appreciate! i actually felt like i wrote some of the passages i read. also, i love the title! a couple of the posts i liked were: Un Ballo in Maschera or Carol Goes to the Opera and I believe I am now banned from the bike shop. i believe i will return 😉

  282. I loved your post about how to keep your eyeliner from smearing. What a great idea!

    Thank you for much for the giveaway. I would love to win this! nw_wife(at)hotmail(dot)com

  283. saph said

    I really like where you posted the video on Worship Song Sunday ~ Bring the Rain by Mercy Me. That’s a great song! =)

  284. Liz said

    I like the eyeliner smearing post – I hate it when my mascara melts when I open the oven and I have my head right there to get out the cookies…etc quickly. Then my eyelashes are all stuck together! 🙂

  285. I like the one about the Snickerdoodles because I love them and am saddened by anyone who hasn’t tried them. I hope he liked them.

  286. Alexis said

    Um, probably the snickerdoodle post. Those are my FAVE. More recipes! =)

  287. You could make a newsletter or feed so that I could get your posts in my inbox. Great giveaway, thanks!

  288. Susan said

    I like reading recipes.

  289. Dan Smith said

    I like bright colors

  290. shiloh said

    hey this is so cool

  291. Angela said

    Answered Prayers? is my favorite and I agree with the others before, include links to your favorite posts.

  292. Mary said

    I love your stories, I think a little more colour would be good, im a new blogger, and Im just learning, but you have some really good stories, keep up the good work. I like the Target, when I go to the States to see my daughter thats where we head..thanks..

  293. Andrea said

    Since I just found your blog, I would say your worship song, “Bring the Rain” and your story that goes along. I have a personal testimony on this song and always love to hear how others praise God through live’s rain!

  294. cheryl said

    i find God in strange places; in robots( he gives us knowledge), in cupcakes ( the love of food) , birds ( wondrous nature) . Do you write any poetry? Do you make any crafts? Those would be nice to see. Do you garden? Did you find Him there?
    favorite post? banned from the bike shop!!

    happy trails!

  295. Jen said

    i loved the post 100 things…especially the fun way you had written it. how kinda boring it would have been to read a long list of 100 things…but you made it fun!

  296. Helen said

    Loved the 100 post. Many similarities to my own life…especially the love of cheesecake.

  297. Pamk said

    I believe I am now banned from the bike shop. I thought that one was funny not funny in that you broke your arm but it sounds like something I’d do.

  298. Teri said

    I like your Saturday Stirrings blog post – the cookies sound super-yummy! Please count me in! Thanks

  299. Mandy said

    I loved your Soft Snickerdoodle recipe post! I can’t wait to try them! Your blog is fun and engaging. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  300. julie said

    love the post on 100 things – always awesome to see things in common! great blog & great giveaway! thanks!

  301. For my blog too, my boys were telling me to add more color. I’d love to win the Target gift card.

  302. […] Bloggy Giveaways Spring Carnival!! […]

  303. Count me in. My suggestion would be to add a Similar Posts thingy at the end of each post. Makes it easier to read related articles that way.

    I’m having FIVE GIVEAWAYS on my blogS as well. Hope you’ll stop by.



    callmeabookworm at gmail.com

  304. dh said

    I liked the biking blog and the one about roses. Who knew about pruning when the forsythia bloomed. I think you are very clever in asking people to comment on the things you have written. Most places just ask you to comment, and all you see is what they’re giving away. No time to stop and smell the roses. I try to look around anyway and see if it has stuff I’m interested in. Yours is interesting, Thank you.

  305. Julienne Winters said

    I think your top 100 list for your 100th (well, 101st according to #90) post. It was a great way to celebrate and let us all know so many important, humorous and touching things about you!!

  306. Norma said

    I liked the post about the bikes almost as much as the snickerdoodle post. Now I want some cookies.

  307. Adena said

    I love all of the WFMW posts and Saturday stirrings. I love trying new recipes. Sorry I couldn’t pick just one but I will promise to bookmark you and come back to visit. And even try a few of your recipes, how’s that?

  308. My favorite post of yours would be “I believe I am now banned from the bike shop.” Girl, I can totally identify! My husband tried to get me into biking last year. It sounded good in my head until I actually tried to get my short legs on the huge bike. After a couple of bad falls (and one time my son was in his bike seat attached to the back!), and my husband looking at me like I was a wounded bird or something, we returned the bikes. I think the only thing I can do physically right is walk! LOL 🙂 tina

  309. Greta said

    I like the Jesus, Bring the Rain post. How true. I hope some of that stuff has been resolved and the Lord is giving you clear direction!

    That being said, I’m always up for a funny/embarrassing story!

    Check out my giveaway at http://www.ilovemrpibb.blogspot.com.

  310. shirley said

    I have to admit that I got a giggle going when I read your “banned from the bike shop” post. My husband is an avid motorcyclist and I’ve always refused to ride with him because I felt our five kids needed at least one parent in one piece.

  311. April said

    I personally like book reviews or the lastest info on upcoming authors and books.

  312. Adria Sha said

    I like this post:


    I enjoy reading about your closeness with your son. I have a daughter who will be graduating soon, and heading off to college, and I am both terrified and excited for her. Reading about your conversations with your son is like a little glimpse into what our future might be like.

  313. John said

    My favorite by far is ‘How to keep your eyeliner from smearing.” The reason? I live in Florida and that tip actually works!


  314. GoodCents said

    It’s not really a post (well I guess it is sorta 🙂 ) but I enjoyed your 100 things… I love those, I think they are nice little snippets into the bloggers life and head…

  315. P. Adams said

    Love the 100 things post! thanks for the giveaway

  316. Valerie said

    I guess my comments are not much different from the others… I love a humorous story. But I have just read “Jesus Bring the Rain” and that struck a chord with me. I think you are doing a good job!

  317. ktjrdn said

    I really like a little blurb saying who you are in a new blog.It gives me a quick loko at who I might be reading

    I say that, but I don’t have one on mine. I find it kind of hard to talk about myself like that. Kind of odd, since I share everything else.


  318. chubutton said

    I would like to read more about the women of the Bible.

  319. Elizabeth said

    I enjoyed reading your post the Weakness of will powered living (and all the others that I read also) 🙂 Fun site! Thanks!

  320. Marie said

    First of all, I love your banner-I’d love to know why you say you throw like a girl. Is that literal or figuratively speaking? 🙂

    And, you have scripture at the top, which would keep me coming back for more reading!

  321. Ashley Henley said

    i like By Any Other Name because it sounds like something my daughter would try to do.

  322. Tina said

    My personal favorite would have to be
    “Worship Song Sunday ~ Bring the Rain by Mercy Me” For me, this really touched me, and as I had never seen the Video on this either, it is awesome.

    Since I have never really done a Blog myself, I can’t comment much on yours, but I enjoy yours because it is Christian based, as I as a Christian feel we can never have enough of them out there.

  323. P Hafner said

    Add more color and pictures. I love looking and reading blogs that have lots of interesting pictures.

  324. Janis said

    I enjoy the book reviews and the recipes. Please enter me!

  325. Chris said

    It would have to be your 100 Things post. I am a sucker for details!

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!


  326. Amy L said

    I like your “100 Things” post, especially this one:
    “61. I broke my left wrist last summer falling off a bike that wasn’t even moving.”
    There’s a story that I’d like to hear.
    Recipes are the thing I like to read on blogs most often, so add more recipes would be my suggestion for you, but that’s just me.

  327. I enjoyed reading your 100 things post. I like to learn about other people’s lives and all the things they have go through. I would love to read about neat tricks to everyday issues.

    Enter me!

  328. Karen said

    why do you throw like a girl?

  329. Jackie Moore said

    I like learning what to use so my eyeliner would not smear…..thanks for the tip! I hope I win

  330. Melissa M said

    I love the cookie recipe. Snickerdoodles used to be my favorite, but I haven’t had them in ages.

  331. MaryEllen said

    I’ll admit I am more of a skim reader when it comes to checking out my fav blogs. My fav blogs have a lot of pics, just of every day life. Pictures always draw me in or a funny video.
    Enter me, I’d love a Target gc!

  332. Lisa said

    Well, I would love a Starbucks card, but let me say that I so enjoyed the “I think I am now banned from the bike shop” post that I completely forgot what you were giving away and had to go back to find out!!

    Great blog!! And a great giveaway!

  333. Krissi said

    1. THIS post is my favorite, not only because Target and Starbucks are tied for first place when it comes to my favorite stores/gift cards, but also because I found your blog…

    2. I’ll let you know in a few weeks – I added you to my feed reader to check ya out 🙂

  334. Sharon D said

    Hi, thanks for entering me in your giveaway. I enjoyed seeing your posts about the Prayer Journal and Gratitude Journal. I think it’s so important to recognize the Lord and what He has done for us as well as what He will do for us. To never take Him for granted 🙂 It is very encouraging to see Him at work.


  335. Melissa Waters said

    I loved the recipe for Snickerdoodle cookies, my youngest one loves them too.
    thanks I hope I win too!

  336. Krysti said

    I think adding more color to your blog would help.. I have noticed ones with more POP to them get more hits.. Just a suggestion though, add more of YOU to the main page is my overall idea 🙂

  337. Wendy said

    Your “I throw like a Girl series is very good. The part that brought back many memories was your son’ s conversation from college and his leaving. I had both of my sons in college at the same time. I cried like a baby everytime they called and hung up with “I love you Mom”. When they came home on break and when they left me to go back. God blessed me with the greatest gifts when he gave me my sons. Thank you for offering your gift for the carnivale.

  338. Kiley said

    My favorite post is how to stop the eyeliner from smearing. Sounds like a great idea and I”ll have to go by an angled brush and try it out!

  339. Cathy said

    This is my first visit here as well, but your Organizing Receipts post was timely for me. (You should take a look in my purse!) And I even have the Longaberger Cracker Basket to put them in!

  340. Doreen said

    Love the ‘Bring the Rain’ by Mercy me!! Beautiful! Hope to win, I want that Target gc! hehe 🙂 Bless you!

  341. Thanks for the great giveaway! I love the Adventures in Pet Sitting post. My sister is starting a pet sitting business and I will be sure she reads this.

  342. Jhianna said

    I enjoyed the Happy Belated Thanksgiving post. It sounds like our house. We always have at least two and sometimes as many as 5 visiting dogs. Ours loves it, but she’s really worn out after they leave.

  343. sascha said

    I’m torn between “100 things” and the banned from the bike shop postings. They tell me you have a wonderful sense of humour and I can identify with many things in your list!

  344. Nita said

    The UK Lottery post was great!

  345. Kathy said

    I liked your blog “100 Things”. We have many similarities based on that blog. I became a Christian on Easter Sunday when I was 7 (almost 8) years old. I married my husband in 1986. I prefer the lake to the ocean. Those are just 3 of them. And, I am love dogs. I have 4.

  346. Caryn B said

    I love to read anything funny! I really like this post: I Won! I Won! I have felt like that sooo many times when I receive completely ridiculous emails!

  347. Mrs. Mandy said

    “I must learn to be more aware” is my fav. It sounds alot like me, hubby always sees things I tend to miss.

  348. Chelle' said

    My favorite post of yours is your 100 things. I really like learning about the people who post by reading their 100 things.

    Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway. Would love to win.


  349. skye said

    Great blog!! The only thing that I could think of that would make your blog better would be to add some pictures of your recipes (in the making or completed, or BOTH).

  350. Jennifer said

    Please enter me in your contest. I’d love to win this Target card and put it towards buying a vacuum. My childhood sweetheart and I are getting our first place.

    I really like your 100 Things blog. I might do that on mine. I commented on it.

  351. Andrea F. said

    I am brand new here and I am so happy I came across you blog, it looks so fun! I am going to take a look around some more but one of my favorite posts in the 100 things.

    Great blog!!

  352. Rick said

    I enjoyed looking over your blog. I didn’t really see anything that I would recomend you do to improve… I love your Worship Song Sundays. Maybe more pics, I love to see pictures. :0) Love your words.

    JOYfully in Him,

  353. Kelli said

    Sorry, I just realized that I was signed in on my husbands account. (Rick)

  354. Jennifer said

    Did someone say Target? COUNT ME IN! I think I pretty much pay their rent every month–Ha ha ha! Even if I don’t win this, I am so happy I “bumped into” your blog tonight–It is wonderful, from the header right down to your writing style–I might like the way you write on your blog mainly because you sound so much like me!! Drop by my blog sometime and see if you agree! Ha ha ha! This is my first visit to your blog, and I have to say, the one about mountain biking and breaking your wrist has to be my favorite. It’s one of my favorite blog posts I’ve read in months! It cracked me up and then had this really sweet, meaningful ending that expresses one of my favorite messages in life (One that is so hard to remember when the going gets tough…)–I learned about these awful “blessings in disguise” when I was put on bedrest for fifteen weeks of my pregnancy with my son. It seemed awful, but I learned so much during that time–really took care of myself–deepened my faith–slowed down–got to know y husband all over again…I could go on and on. Thanks for offering the gift cards and it was sooo nice to “meet” you–I’ll be back! :oD

  355. Rebecca Supinger said

    I enjoyed reading the Uk Lottery post

  356. Kelly said

    I choose the Worship Song Sunday just because I really enjoy the choice of music. Nice video too!

  357. Sarah said

    I think it would be lovely if you added more visuals to your blog, like a background image for instance. It adds to the visual appeal and makes it look less boring, plus it’s easier to remember a blog you like to read when it’s not plain white. 😉

  358. Amanda Chapman said

    My favorite post is your recipe for snikerdoodle cookies. I can’t wait to try them. This is something my daughters and I can work together on tomorrow.

  359. Amanda said

    I love the “I won! I won!” post. And here I will answer both questions. I generally like posts that are humorous about every day things in life. That post had that…It drew me in and to find out it was spam was pretty funny.

  360. Heather said

    I like the post about the eye liner tips. I need all the help I can get on putting on my makeup!

  361. Ashley said

    I like the humor section, the video of the boy cannon-balling into the baptismal tank was hysterical!

  362. Abby said

    My favorite is “I think I’m banned from the bike shop.” I have gotten numerous injuries from riding road bikes, and I really don’t like bikes (my dad dragged me into doing it). Your blog is awesome–don’t change a thing!

  363. Kim said

    Well, you asked…I like blogs that are well designed and I think you need a little design assistance. What you say is AWESOME, but you can attract more people right off the bat by what is looks like. Kind of like make-up. Thanks for the opportunity.

  364. Gabreial said

    Your blog is good, but it needs a little more eye appeal. I think if you snazzed it up a little it would draw the eye. You can still have a clean look blog, just need a little customization.

  365. Audrey said

    Oganization….hmmm umm I did lose a child at a grocery store once LOL. Oh goodness it was a store similiar to Walmart. My husband and I were looking at a phone and when we turned around our 2 year old was no where to be found. They did an immdiate lock down of the store, umm we were not popular with the other customers. They found here in the grocery aisle eating cookies. Oh goodness, I was relieved, embarrassed, horrified at how quickly it had happened etc. So…that post hit home with me.

  366. teri n. said

    My favorite post of yours is “Caring for your roses” I’ll be planting in a few weeks and really had no clue as to how to keep care of them. Thank you for the great information and because of it I’ll have a breautiful yard 🙂

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

    carolmehl rocks!



  367. Elizabeth said

    I love your post on snickerdoodles… sharing recipes is great… and who doesnt want a good cookies recipe 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity,

  368. Mandy said

    I am sorry to admit this is the first time I have been here, but one thing that keeps me going to the same blog over and over is if they visit mine often too. I know that sounds silly but you sort of build a bond by always visiting someone’s blog and knowing they will be visiting yours. Then again, I never have more than 3 or 4 comments, so it is so much easier to keep up with!

  369. katklaw777 said

    I am new to you blog but love to share recipes so went straight to your snickerdoodle post. We go to garage sales and look for inexpensive clean tins, then wrap each cookie because they are easier to share that way. They always get there safely and my son likes to reuse the tins!

  370. I love the post on caring for your roses…I have a hard time with them so it made me feel good about the struggle I go through. I think that some color would be good on your blog…you know flashy!

  371. Your post on organizing reciepts. That is what we need to do for my hubby. I am getting his a basket for his reciepts this weekend. What a great idea!

  372. reeva said

    i like the cookie recipe and in fact i’m going to try it tonight

    Thanks for offering such a great prize – I hope I’m the lucky winner! 🙂

  373. Teresa said

    I think I liked the post about your sister’s 40th birthday party… because I totally love WII parties. My husband and I go to my sister-in-law and bro-in-law’s house every sat. night for a wii party!!

  374. Elaine said

    I would love to know a little more about you on your home page. That would definitely peek my curiosity! I love your blog name! I’ll bet that’s a great story!
    My head tells me I want a Target card, but my heart tells me Starbucks…
    Okay, Target.

  375. Terri Wagner said

    The Tuscan Bean soup recipe sounds yummy. I am going to make it.

  376. Karen W said

    This is my first time here. I’ll have to come back and explore. Love your contest!

  377. Peculiar said

    I love your 100th post post. It was so neat! I like the way it read like a story and it was very interesting and funny. I left a comment there too. This gives me ideas on how to do mine when its time. Thanks.

  378. Mani Kumar said

    Sorry but I am new here but I think one way to improve any blog is to provide links to some good and informative articles or blogs on the web.

  379. Corina S said

    My favorite post so far is the 100 things (just found your blog, so I’m still reading..) because I like learning about others. Also, I’m excited to try your snickerdoodle recipe. 🙂
    Thanks for offering a great giveaway! I’d pick Target if I win, since I now work for another coffee place that is NOT Starbucks.

  380. “banned from the bike shop…” My hubby is also a hard core mountain biker and I joined him on a rinky dink inferior mountain bike for a while until he hit a jump wrong and broke his neck, fractured his spine, and spent 3 weeks in the hospital and another 2 years recovering from the brain injury and strokes he had as a result of the trauma. Amusingly enough, I still want us to go bike together. I guess I am a bit more like your hubby than yourself. 🙂

  381. Cherie J said

    The snickerdoodle cookies post made me smile because it brought back some great memories.

  382. I love your site!! It’s funny what you said about fall & spring because I was having the same thoughts today! lol I’m SO greatful for spring this year! lol

    The 1st post I went to check out was your 100 things! I think if I ever make 100 posts I will do the same thing!

    I will definitely be back here!

    I will pick the Starbucks card ( if I”m chosen) & give it to my 18 yr old to bless him.

  383. Justine said

    My favorite post by far is Saturday Stirrings ~ Snickerdoodle Cookies. I made these cookies for my family and they loved them. They request them all the time. I bring them to all sort of events and they are always a big hit.

  384. I have read a few of your posts and I like the way you write. I haven’t read enough of them to really pick a favorite. I do agree that humor can really spice up a blog, especially when it is something we are laughing at ourselves about. I do like the way you can see how God’s hand is moving in your every day occurences–good or bad.

  385. Dawn Bates said

    I love your Snickerdoodles post because I LOVE Snickerdoodles. I love all cookies, unfortunately.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  386. Sharon said

    I like the eyeliner tip – I’ll have to give it a try!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  387. Shelly said

    I like reading about organizing and saving money.

  388. Lois said

    I’d love to win this. Great eye liner tip. I need to try this.


    Stop by my blog, Goodies for Mom too. I’ve got 3 giveaways going on for the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival.

  389. Ashley said

    Oh hi! So, what could you do to get me to come by here more? Um, remind me that you are out in this corner of the blogosphere! lol. I’ve never been here before! By the way, are you on Cre8buzz? Email me 🙂 -Ashley

  390. I liked your funny stuff catergory. A favorite was I won! I won! Reminded me of the million emails I get everyday telling me I won something or they need me to save them and except the check and wire them back thousands of dollars. I actually fell for this the first time they sent it to me..but once I looked at the counterfeit cashiers check I knew never to believe any of that again. grrrr.
    Stop by and say hello if you get time!

  391. Lisa Churchill said

    Wow, who couldn’t use a $25 gift card to Target! I am new to your blog, but love your title b/c I throw like a girl too! I would say maybe add a little bit more color to your page, but other than that I love it!

  392. A suggestion that could possibly build your readership is to promote your RSS feed a little more. Try moving your RSS icon more towards the top of your sidebar so that it’s not hard to find. Having your RSS icon visible is definitely important for this Bloggy Giveaways going on because you’ll be getting a lot of traffic from people coming to enter your giveaway. Some people may subscribe to your feed and come back to visit even after the Bloggy Giveaways is long over. But there’s little chance of that happening if your RSS icon is hard to find! Hope this helps!

  393. Karen said

    While I do enjoy Mercy Me, I enjoy reading the 100 Things posts. It really helps to get to know someone.

    My suggestion would be to add an email subscription. I personally do not always get the chance to stop by my favorite blogs as often as I would like, but I have email subscription to those that offer it. I don’t use a reader service. It is nice for storing posts I want to reference in an email folder that I can access anywhere.


  394. Phyllis said

    Not having been here before, I can not tell you my favorite post, but I will say that I love your title and a quick peruse of your blog list took me to Beth Moore’s blog (I didn’t know that she had one!!) so a stop here was worth it. =) It will be even better if I win…I might even come back!!

  395. Cherie said

    I really enjoyed your post “Dear Daughter”. I too don’t find out what our children our before we have them, and I too WORRY about my girls becoming teenagers! UGH! And I LOVE that your daughter’s first “boyfriend” lives 1000 miles away! Perfect!!!

  396. lee said


  397. RobynL said

    love the Snickerdoodle recipe; I have never seen this particular one before so thanks for sharing. I love baking.

  398. Gina S said

    I like the 100 things post. It was a big help in getting to know you and your life.

  399. Gigi said

    I like your Max Lucado on Self-Control post — having the children (or me) recite the fruits of the spirit when angry is a wonderful idea!

    I guess we wait to choose the card until you contact us. Thank you so much!

  400. Sarah Fischer said

    I think a colored background or some more color in your text would draw people more. I know I’m drawn to bright colors.


  401. I found a few different articles that I really liked so it would be hard to pick just one. However as far as something I like to see when I look at bloggers pages. One thing that really catches my attention are freebies or contests. I’ve found a few that offered not only product reviews but a giveaway included, those were nice.

    Hope that helps!

  402. Christina said

    Hmm… I’m new to your blog so I don’t know what to improve on but I can say I’m already hooked just by reading your Saturday stirrings category. I am looking forward to trying the snickerdoodle recipe as well as some of the others. I’ll be back.

  403. I just ran across your blog, but now I am going to subscribe. I liked reading the fashion friday posts and enjoyed seeing the chicken cakes recipe…I think that’s dinner tonight!

    please enter me in your drawing.

  404. Victoria said

    I think that you should add more giveaways. It will always attract more readers. Then they will see what you are really about.

  405. Soliloquy said

    Keep it SPICY, girl. I agree with everyone who likes a sharp, bright blog. And who doesn’t want to laugh? It’s the laughs that keep us all comin’ back.

    Starbucks….. mmmmm.

    GREAT giveaway!

  406. I like your blog. I’ve read though some of your posts and I think you write well! I would add some color to your layout and my main thing would to suggest that you add pictures!!

    Like with my FAVORITE POST, Soft Snickerdoodle Cookies (::snickering::) google the cookies and slap in a picture. (thats if you don’t want to take pictures.)

    People are all about what aesthetically pleases us. So start poppin in pictures on your posts!

    Good luck! (oh and good luck to me too!)

  407. I’d read you if you started throwing like a boy. Just kidding! That’s a great blog title. I also throw like a girl.

    I like your Saturday Stirrings posts. Great idea and great giveaway!

  408. Jessica said

    i love the 100 things about you blog post, i am obsessed with making lists.

  409. Natalie said

    i just recently started visiting your site but everything looks good! Keep up the great work and thanks for the giveaway!

  410. If you were involved in the Wordless Wednesday meme or Thursday Thirteen meme I would come back often. Usually during that time is when I get to blog hop and I will usually read previous posts while I’m there. I hope that helps. 🙂

  411. amypurple said

    I like the pet photos, so i’ll say the one about sadie’s new friend because you adopted a buddy for her and that so sweet!

  412. chantelle said

    your bike story sounds so much like my hubby and i!

  413. cathy b said

    It is such a joy to find so many Godly people blogging! and giving Glory to our Father! One of my fave posts of yours is the one of the eyeliner brushes and smudge advice.
    Thanks for a great giveaway!
    cathy b

  414. Kelly Capron said

    Add more color. It would make your blog more interesting.

  415. Natalie said

    You’re a very funny person; I love how your personality can be found in your antidotes and pearls of wisdom

    *more links are always great

  416. Jean Parks said

    You got me with your Saturday Stirrings ~ Snickerdoodle Cookies. I love Snickerdoodle cookies
    almost more than anything else I can think of.. well besides Target gift cards 🙂

    thanks for this contest:)

  417. Tammy Darling said

    I like the 100 things about you. Nice blog. Thanks for the contest.

  418. EG said

    I’d love to see a little blurb at the top telling us a little about your personality and what your blog is for. Something funny to give a little flavor.

  419. Jules said

    The cookie recipe, definitely.

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