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Try Not to Feel Too Sorry for My Husband

Posted by Carol on May 2, 2008

My husband’s job requires him to travel quite a bit around the country.  Sometimes he travels to really cool places like California, Seattle, Florida, or Texas; and sometimes he travels to not so cool places which I won’t name so as not to offend any of the tens of people who read this blog. 

We miss him while he’s gone, and even though he has reached exalted status on Continental Airlines, which gives him some very nice perks when he travels, all the flying does get old for him after a while.

However, Dear Hubby left for a trip yesterday that we feel so bad for him about that we have actually considered starting the prayer chain at church just to help him get through it.  It’s rough, but he had to go.  Where, you are wondering is this awful place his company has sent him to? 


But, hey, when he’s this cute, how could anyone hold it against him? (Like the way I worked another picture into a post?)




One Response to “Try Not to Feel Too Sorry for My Husband”

  1. Pam M. said

    Bravo with the pics, my dear!! Stepping out of your comfort zone is tough, but I think you’re doing just great!

    Poor Dear Hubby….my heart breaks for him. Hawaii…..land of sunshine and warmth and joy and good food. Oh my, I can’t take it anymore, where are my tissues?!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Carol. And no charge for the sarcasm; it’s on me! :0)


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