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Praying God’s Word

Posted by Carol on May 19, 2008

In the situation that my family is going through right now, I find myself praying constantly.  Not a bad thing to do, right?  We are actually told in Scripture to pray without ceasing. However, I seem to be saying the same things over and over.  Very often it is just “Help!”  Not too deep a thought.  And I don’t want my prayers to ever be just vain repetitions. I began to be convicted that I needed to pray in a way that I had never prayed before, to have a more meaningful communion with God.

As I was reading the Bible today, my daily reading included Psalm 115-116.  In those verses the writer compares the Living God to idols made by man’s hands.  The idols have eyes but don’t see, ears that don’t hear, and lips that don’t speak.  But OUR God is a living God, He hears us, sees us, and speaks to us. And He deserves all glory because of His love and faithfulness to us. He not only loves us and is faithful to us, but he is “our help and our shield”.

It was then that I said, “Lord, I need you to be my help and my shield through this situation”.  And I began praying through the Scriptures of chapters 115-116 of Psalms.  Suddenly, my prayers seemed to come alive and I was communing with our Living God.  My prayers were not just “arrow prayers” shot up in desparation (there is a time and a place for those, too), but I was communicating to God, praying back to Him the words he gave David to describe how he was feeling when he was in a desperate place and God delivered him. I did take some poetic license to change the words to fit my circumstances, since I can tell you that no one is trying to hunt me down and kill me like Saul was David.

I know this is not a new concept.  I believe Beth Moore has written a whole book about praying the Scriptures. I would encourage you to incorporate praying God’s Word into your prayer life. It might open up a whole new way for you to communicate with God.

Psalm 116:1-6 (The Message)

1-6 I love God because he listened to me, listened as I begged for mercy.
   He listened so intently
      as I laid out my case before him.
   Death stared me in the face,
      hell was hard on my heels.
   Up against it, I didn’t know which way to turn;
      then I called out to God for help:
   “Please, God!” I cried out.
      “Save my life!”
   God is gracious—it is he who makes things right,
      our most compassionate God.
   God takes the side of the helpless;
      when I was at the end of my rope, he saved me.




4 Responses to “Praying God’s Word”

  1. Pam M. said

    Thank you so much for posting this.

    I remember the first time someone spoke to me about praying Scripture, I panicked….I thought “how in the world does someone like ME do something as awesome as this?” But really, it’s not as difficult nor as overwhelming as it first seems, at least to me. I guess I initially viewed praying God’s Word back to Him as too hard for me to do because I wasn’t looking at it the way I should. I thought, in my confused mind, that you have to be an eloquent speaker and to use lots of very holy $.25 words. But that’s not what God wants….He doesn’t want surface or shallow prayers. And there are certainly so many different Bible translations to use which really help to personalize prayers for my situation and circumstance, allowing me to place myself right into Scripture.

    One thing, though…..let me encourage you and anyone else reading this. You said this, Carol: “However, I seem to be saying the same things over and over. Very often it is just “Help!” Not too deep a thought.” Perhaps not too deep a thought, but sometimes, all we are able to say in the midst of our storms and trials is “Help!” Words escape us and all we can do is to cry out to Jesus that one word….Help! God isn’t looking for deepness at that point….He’s looking for sincerity of heart and humility. While SO many of David’s psalms are beautiful, I’m sure many of his prayers, at times, consisted of those one word, “arrow” prayers.

    Again, I am so grateful for this post, Carol, especially during this time of my life.
    You ARE the bomb! :0)
    Blessings, Pam

  2. Beverlydru said

    Praying the Word is powerful indeed. His Word is living and His promises are true. I love putting my name into scriptures – makes it so personal and so real. I have made prayer journals doing this over loved ones and others I felt “stuck” praying for. My favorite one is where I got pictures of each person (or group) and wrote out the scriptures I was praying over them. When I looked back, it was amazing how he answered those prayers.

  3. I see that you are coming to the Philly blogger meet-up and that you have a lot of the sites from the Proverbs 31 ladies in your blogroll. Are you going to the SheSpeaks conference in June?

    I was reading Psalm 119 the other day and was struck by how many times David comments on meditating on the law of God. Here is this song writing, creative king who cared about getting it right. What a guy!

    I do agree that praying scripture can be incredibly rewarding. Journaling is also great for reminding us of God’s faithfulness in all situations even when we don’t feel up to the task He has set before us.

    Hope to see you on the 13th.

  4. Oh Carol, I’m sorry I haven’t been around much. To be honest, I haven’t been visiting anyone much. Long story. But i am also dealing with a serious crisis of someone close to me; I just can’t bear to write about it. and I know from the silliness on my blog, you would never know. I can’t explain it; I”m just not ready to talk about it yet. So I can really relate to your “Help” prayer. I am taking this post to heart and meditating on this Psalm. Blessings, Linda

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