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Back to life, back to reality…and a squeeze

Posted by Carol on June 13, 2008

We arrived back to our home from our trip to Costa Rica at about 1:30 AM Thursday.  By the time we said “hi” to our kids who had waited up for us and got all settled in, it was well past 3AM. Our kids love to have “big” conversations late at night and they had several saved up for us.  As much as I value my sleep, I have always felt that if they’re willing to talk, I will stay up as late as necessary to listen to them.

So yesterday was spent getting a little caught up on sleep, a lot caught up on laundry, and just spending time with the fam.  Today, its “back to life, back to reality” – back to work!  I am going to get the pictures of our trip posted this weekend.

The resort where we stayed was very remote and private.  As a result, there were several celebrity sightings while we were there.  I actually got a picture taken with one, but you’ll have to tune in next time to see who it was.  (Insert evil laugh here) 🙂

One day, our van was pulling in from a sight-seeing trip and on one of the benches in front of the hotel, was a very large, muscled man covered in tatoos with long blonde hair.  

He obviously did not want to draw any attention to himself what with the muscles and tatoos and all.  

Our group started buzzing about who he might be and the consensus was that he was “The Undertaker” from the WWF.  I, of course, knew exactly who they were talking about since I am a big wrestling fan – NOT.  

I prefer Ultimate Fighting myself.  

He was the type of guy that you could not miss, and soon we started seeing him at various locations around the hotel. He was traveling with a woman that we’ll assume was his wife.  She really did not like to draw attention to herself. We could tell this because she could not be bothered with such things as, uhm, actually wearing clothes that covered all her body parts.  

That night, my husband and I were sitting in the lounge area with another couple, Nancy and Joe.  “The Undertaker” and his wife were sitting at the bar.

Joe, being the shy guy that he is, walked up to the bar and said, “Hey, some of my friends think you’re The Undertaker. Are they right?”

“What do you think?” was his reply.

Joe, taking his life in his own hands, said, “Personally, I think you’re about 6 inches too short.”

“The Undertaker’s” wife got all red and angry, but our muscle guy burst out laughing, grabbed Joe and gave him the biggest bear hug of his life.  Then the wife grabbed him and hugged him as well.  

My very curious husband couldn’t stand it a minute longer.  He had to find out what they were talking about.  So off HE went to the bar, leaving Nancy and I to watch from a distance.

When Hubby approached the happy hugging group, Joe introduced him and HE got a bear hug from “The Undertaker”, but not the wife.  

Could it be she saw the threatening looks I gave her from across the room?  She probably could tell that I’m a big Ultimate Fighting fan.

They were having such an animated conversation, that I grabbed my camera, and told Nancy that I had to get a picture of this.

I approached them, camera in hand, ready to ask if it were OK to take a group shot, when next thing I know, “The Undertaker” grabbed me and says, “You need a squeeze!” 

Since he never really did fess up to his true identity, Hubby and I did some online research on The Undertaker and we seriously doubt it really was him at our hotel.  The group’s next best guess at who the big threatening looking man was that he was a professional motor boat racer, but we don’t know his name.  

My kids thought it was pretty cool that their mom was possibly “squeezed” by “The Undertaker” though.




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