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I’m baaaack from She Speaks!

Posted by Carol on June 24, 2008

Some of you may have noticed there was no Saturday Stirrings post or Worship Song Sunday this week. Or many posts at all towards the end of last week. There is a reason for that. I went to the She Speaks! Conference and what a blessing it was!

It was a blessing on so many levels – spiritual, social, personal, & inspirational.

Spiritually, I feel like I was on the Mount of Transfiguration with Jesus all weekend and part of me didn’t want to come down. To spend most of the weekend hearing God’s Word taught in the main sessions and many of the break-out sessions, combined with heart-felt, meaningful worship, especially Saturday night, made my spirit soar. And my spirit needed to soar.

Socially, I met SO MANY wonderful people, especially those in my speaker’s evaluation group led by Amy Carroll. Amy is one of the most encouraging people I have ever met.  If she doesn’t have the gift of encouragement, I don’t know who does!

Even though there were women from all over the US, I was able to meet several who live in my area and we plan to get together for coffee soon. I even met a woman whose children attend the pre-school where my sweet sister-in-law is the director! Can we sing “It’s a small world after all”?

Now I’m going to be a name dropper. I met Lysa TerKuerstand her friend/assistant Holly. I rode on an elevator with Melanie (Big Mama), Sophie (BooMama), and Shannon (Rocks in my Dryer). I was so happy to meet Linda (2nd Cup of Coffee), DeeDee (It Coulda Been Worse – soon to be Fiddledeedee), Tina (Antique Mommy), Jo-Lynne (Musings of a Housewife), Marybeth Whalen(Cheaper by the Half Dozen), and I am so sorry if I am leaving anyone out. It was very surreal to meet people you feel like you already know through their blogs.

I got to have breakfast with Linda (2nd Cup) one morning and she is as sweet and fun as you would imagine she is from her blog. I felt a special connection with her because she was one of my first readers and was instrumental in naming my blog.

I sat next to DeeDee (Fiddledeedee) in several sessions and I tried stay cool and not act too excited that I was sitting next to such a  humorous writer. I also sat next to Tina (Antique Mommy) whose posts make me cry because my “little” boy is now 19 years old.

My friend, Sylane, and I were booked on a 6:30 flight.  Since we got to the airport so early, we got on the standby list for the 3:15 flight.  However, the air traffic controllers at home had their own plans for our day.  Every flight home was delayed and none of the flights home earlier in the day had taken off. 

The good news is that we got on the 3:15 flight, but the bad news is that it didn’t take off until 7:15.  I have no idea when the 6:30 flight we were originally scheduled on took off.  As it was, I didn’t get home until almost midnight. 

I was less than effective at work today. 

But because of the Conference I feel that we will all be more effective in the “Kingdom Work” Lysa spoke of so often this weekend!

Thank you to everyone who helped make the Conference such a God glorifying event!

Please stay in touch, my sweet new friends.




8 Responses to “I’m baaaack from She Speaks!”

  1. Well, for crying out loud. My flight didn’t leave until 6:00. I would have come to find you if I had known. We could have messed with the security people together! How much fun would that have been!

  2. Lynn said


    What a fantastic time. Since then God has been delighting me further still. I am just on my knees..

    It was wonderful to meet you and girl…. this design ROCKS!! Love you… We are sisters indeed!!

  3. So lovely to have met you! I’m sorry you had such a delay getting home, but glad you got there safely! BTW, I love your blog design. Funky and fem. Very cool.

  4. This is a great post. I’m sorry it took you so long to get home, but what a wonderful weekend it was!

    I am in awe at God’s presence on the weekend and in my life. I look forward to visiting again. 🙂

  5. This is design is really pretty, Carol. You did well. I treasure the picture I have of us.

  6. Alisha said

    You have a pretty blog! Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad to have you!
    I’m glad you had fun at your conference. Sounds like it was a busy time! 🙂

  7. Oh, Darlin’! How fabulous it was to spend time worshipping our Lord Jesus –and learning and serving–together! May God bring great glory to Himself as all who attended She Speaks go out as Ambassadors of Christ in whatever ministry He has called them…called us! AMEN!

    Hello and love to all you fellow She Speaks attendees! What a joy to meet so many beautiful, powerful and humble sisters in Christ!

    Serving our Lord Jesus with you in love and prayer,

  8. Sylvia said

    It was so nice to meet you this weekend. You did a great job speaking! Wasn’t that nerve-wracking?? You should wear that mint green color often. You simply shined in it.

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