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My Garden Pics

Posted by Carol on June 26, 2008

Welcome to my “garden”.  It’s more like random pictures taken from around my yard at different points throughout this Spring and Summer, but I wanted to share them with you and get the practice posting pictures. 

Posting pictures on this blog is still so frustrating to me that it ranks up there with skiing on a black diamond run with giant moguls.  Skiing a run like that is one of the few things in life that severely tempts me to use language you would not otherwise hear come out of my mouth.  That’s how frustrating this whole picture thing is for me. 

And that’s how much I love you guys that I am willing to try to do it anyway!

Bloomin’ trees!

Ooops, I planted this hydrangea outside too soon (back in April).  Why do they sell them and tempt me to plant them if it’s not the right time?


Each spring a big blue heron comes and tries to eat the fish out of our pond.  I think he needs to find a new pond because I don’t think he saved any for later!The previous owners built a koi pond with this waterfall.  The sound of the water is lovely and we really enjoy it.  However, it is a ton of work for my Hubby to maintain it. 

The arbor that leads to our backyard.

Even though I wrote a whole post on how to grow roses, these are the only ones that seem to do well in my yard.

Hope you enjoyed it!


3 Responses to “My Garden Pics”

  1. Beverlydru said

    I love the photos. You get an A+. I have never wanted to deal with roses in Florida becasue of maintenance. I got a new ‘Knock-Out” bush for Mother’s day and it is doing great so far. : )

  2. Kim said

    I love your arbor. What is the plant you have growing on it? How old is it? How long did it take to get it to this point?

  3. Carol said

    Hi Kim, The most predominant plant on the arbor is wisteria. It is supposed to bloom every spring with beautiful hanging purple flowers, but, it hasn’t ever yet. There is also climbing roses and clematis which does bloom with small purple flowers. The arbor and its plants are probably about 15 years old. The previous owners of our house did a nice job with the yard. It’s the main reason we bought the place.

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