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It seems my Mother is searching the internet for a new daughter

Posted by Carol on July 4, 2008

My Mom doesn’t really understand the point of blogging.  Actually, she’s not a big fan of the computer when it comes right down to it.  She owns a computer and uses one at work, but she has not grown as fond of them as many of us here in Bloggsville have. 

You can read about the first time I told her about my blog here

For some reason, not too long ago, she decided to read my blog.  I think my sister told her I had posted pictures of our Costa Rica trip. 

Not being too familiar with blogs, she explored mine, clicking on various posts and links, having a gool ol’ time, reading everything that I had written about my life and what’s going on with the fam.  She got to my blogroll and started clicking there, too. 

One valueable piece of information she was lacking was that I did not write everything she read on the blogs in my blogroll.  But she thought I did.

Imagine her confusion when she got to Big Mama’s blog and started reading about a grandchild she never knew she had named Caroline.  Well, she was confused all right because she decided she was going to find out about this long-lost granddaughter and clicked on Big Mama’s “contact me” link and boy, did she contact her!

It turns out she sent Melanie an email saying, “Call me sometime. I haven’t heard from you in a while.” 

Which is surprising in and of itself because the only emails my mom sends me, her real daughter, are those forwards with five layers of greetings to go through before you see the animated fireworks wishing you a “Happy 4th of July, and if you don’t send this to 10 of your closest friends right now, Jesus won’t love you anymore.”

It’s a good thing that my mother doesn’t use anything close to her real name for her email account or Big Mama may decide to get a restraining order if she starts getting the forwards that Mom sends to me!

Oh, and Happy Independence Day!  Remember, Jesus always loves you – even if you don’t forward those emails!





5 Responses to “It seems my Mother is searching the internet for a new daughter”

  1. Jenn said

    LOL Just think about it. How upsetting would it be to think your daughter did not tell you some thing as important as having a daughter! LOL I can just imagine the shock. I am a fellow PMB and just wanted to say hello.

  2. My mom would do the same thing!

  3. Heather said

    OMG this is so funny. Sounds like something my mom would do too. BTW love your new look!

  4. Val said

    Ha! That cracked me up!

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