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WFMW ~ Deodorant, It’s Just a Suggestion

Posted by Carol on July 9, 2008

Now that the weather has turned H.O.T. here in Bloggsville, USA, many of us are doing what we can to stay cool and dry. For most, that includes the wearing of deodorant.

If deodorant isn’t included in your plan to stay dry and cool, you may want to rethink that.

I’m just sayin’.

One of the biggest problems with deodorant is the white streaks it leaves on your clothes.  You may have tried some of the newer versions that are supposedly clear and streak free, but if you don’t want to switch brands just because of the white streak situation, here’s something that Works For Me.

Are you ready for this? It’s really earth shattering information I’m about to share with you.  Hold on to your hats…

Put your deodorant on after you put your clothes on.  If your outfit is sleeveless, attack those pits through the sleeve hole.  If you have sleeves, come up from under your top.  It really works.

While we’re on the subject of deodorant,  I need to add my 2 cents about scents.  (Pun intended)

Why, oh why, do women spend lots of their hard earned money on perfume and/or scented lotions just to have it compete with the smell of their deodorant?

Who wants to smell like “powder fresh” or “spring rain” or “cool wave” when you’re wearing Estee Lauder’s Beautiful or Clinique’s Happy? Put the combo of scents together with your shampoo, hair products, and lotions and it’s enough to knock over anyone with a sensitive olfactory system within 50 feet.

That’s why I vote for unscented deodorant.  I am one of those with a sensitive nose. While I love perfume, I have to be careful to only pick very light scents.  If I’ve got too much smell going on, I get a headache or nauseated.  So if I have to choose between my Calvin Klein’s Escape or “Natural Sport Scent”, Calvin’s going to win every time.

For much more useful helpful hints than this one, check out Shannon’s blog, Rocks in my Dryer.

Now, go forth and smell nice!





11 Responses to “WFMW ~ Deodorant, It’s Just a Suggestion”

  1. Oh my goodness, A HEARTY Amen. Preach it sister.

  2. Sarah said

    You are too funny!

  3. Amanda said

    Want another little deodorant tip? This is something that’s a little off, but it works! Our boobs sweat underneath in the heat and that’s just the way it is – I actually put deodorant under and in between my boobs and THERE’S NO SWEAT! Thanks for your post 🙂 Head over to my blog to hear about my mother-in-law’s advice on poison oak.

  4. Kim said

    I am SO WITH YOU on the odorless deodorant. And I do the same trick of putting it on after I’m dressed. Although I really don’t have that white streaky problem much now that I’m using Almay hypoallergenic clear gel. Love it!

  5. Carol said

    You mean I’m not the only one who does this?

    Great tip!

  6. Eight said

    My favourite deodorant: Lafe’s Roll-on. Perfect for men or women, and doesn’t leave you stinking at the end of the day, or if you do not shower every day. Leaves nothing behind on self or clothing. Is not an anti-perspirant, and should go on *before* clothes so it can dry a little.

    It may be hard to find, but is a great ‘natural’ alternative to conventional deodorant/antiperspirants. I’ve tested many types, but this is the best. One bottle should last you about a year, so don’t balk if it’s over $5.

  7. I work with children – and parents also need to be aware of when it’s time for Jr. to start wearing deodorant, too. In fact, I spent the last month of school with a group of fifth graders and we would regularly have conversations about ‘creaming the pits’.
    Great public service announcement 🙂

  8. Katy Lin said

    i always kind of thought that this was a no brainer, but you know . . . some people’s kids . . . lol!

    your blog is super cute!

  9. Audrey said

    I have heard from a dermatologist, and the instructions on my deodorant say to apply it at night. The dermatologist agreed that you can do it with any deodorant and it makes it more effective, and also helps avoid those nasty white streaks.

  10. I solved the white streaks problem when I was in high school. I roll up my shirt before I put it on. I even do it now that I use clear deodorant.

    This past year I started having itchy armpits, so I stopped using my antiperspirant/deodorant and switched to Tom’s of Maine deodorant. It goes on clear and doesn’t make me itch. I bought it in the lavender scent because I use lavender soap, shampoo and spray.

  11. Robyn said

    I always wondered, why are people so adverse to the white streaks anyway? It just means you are wearing deodorant. It’s not like there is toilet paper hanging out the back of of your pants.
    I even go as far as to apply a little baby powder before hand, just for good measure. I just wipe off the excess powder from my clothes. No biggie, folks.
    Thanks for the post, the truth hurts!

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