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El Shaddai

Posted by Carol on July 22, 2008

Throughout this difficult time my family is going through, one positive thing I can say is that I can see God’s hand at work.  I can’t see what lies ahead obviously, but I can see God moving and working in much the same way I can feel and see the wind blow.  Many times my feelings don’t match my faith when I am discouraged and I have been praying that my reality will indeed match my theology.

I want to share just one of the ways I have seen God at work in my family.

About a week ago, I was thinking to myself that it would be wonderful if I could ask several of my friends to commit to pray specifically about a few things on a daily basis. I really felt this was something God wanted me to do, but I had not gotten far enough with the idea to act on it yet. I was actually feeling kind of shy about it, not wanting to ask so much of my friends.

Little did I know that when God gave me the idea, He was also going to take care of the details for me.  You see, after reading this post, one of my dear friends sent me an email asking me to join her and a group of moms from church who have committed to pray daily for each other’s children.  Every day we email our prayer requests to the group knowing that they have promised to pray.  Usually my friend emails us a prayer for our children or devotional thought.

Not only has the group been a great encouragement to me, but the way God put the need for prayer in my heart and then provided the very means for that to be accomplished gives me goosebumps and has caused me to pause and realize that even when I feel hopeless, God is there, always working, always loving, always being Who He is – El Shaddai, God Almighty who is all sufficient and meets all our needs.






2 Responses to “El Shaddai”

  1. Hi Carol, What joy we have in the Lord and I love what you said, He takes care of the details too!
    Have a wonderful time at your reunion, I just had a total blast at mine. So good to hear from you, have a wonderful week!

  2. Heather said

    Carol, what a blessing to have friends who will help carry your burdens! God surely did provide these women for you at just the right time.

    Thanks so much for linking up with More of Him. I am always so encouraged when I read how God is working in the lives of my bloggy friends!

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