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Class of ’83

Posted by Carol on July 24, 2008

This weekend I will be heading to my home state to attend my 25th high school reunion!  I have mentioned a time or three that I absolutely loved high school.  It was truly one of the best times of my life. 

My secret fear is that I peaked in high school and it’s all been downhill since.  By peaked I mean it was the time I was the most together, accomplished the most, did the most with the time I had, etc.  My life has been good since then, definitely not all downhill.  I fear that I personally have not been as effective as I was in high school.  Anyway…

I went to a small Christian school and we were a very close-knit group.  My best friend’s father was the basketball coach, and even though I am only 5’4″, he recruited me for the team.  They needed another live body on the court. 

I also played volleyball, softball, and was a cheerleader all through my high school years. It was no wonder I could eat whatever I wanted, I was constantly running with a different sport each season, sometimes two. Because we were so small in numbers, most of the time the same kids played on the teams every year.  With all the traveling to away games and practicing together after school, we became like a second family.  In fact, when I got married, my bridesmaids were my family and friends from high school.

The teachers were also fantastic.  Mrs. B, in particular, made each kid feel like they were her only student.  One year for my birthday, she made breakfast for me at her home and had my boyfriend (now my husband) hiding in her closet to surprise me. 

It is those memories that cause me to look back at those years in high school with such fondness.  And even though I am a few pounds heavier than I would like to be at my reunion, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. 

I have heard that Mrs. B and her husband will be there.  My basketball coach is in Heaven now, but my best friend, his daughter will be there.  Since the school is so small, the reunion is combined with other classes, so Little Sis will also be there with her class, many of whom were also my friends.

College, on the other hand, is a post all it’s own.  Someday I will write about that, but not now.  I just want to look forward this weekend and enjoy the memories.





5 Responses to “Class of ’83”

  1. marit said

    It’s such a comfort to read that somebody else fears they may have peaked in high school. I feel exactly the same way, and sometimes guilt socks me over the head because I should be feeling very “peaked” right now!

  2. Beverlydru said

    Have a great trip! What state are you travelling to?

  3. Val said

    Wow! Have a great time! And you’ll see……reunions are always great in boosting your self esteem. Just wait and see what everyone else looks like!

  4. Keep us posted. You did not hit the pinnacle of your life 25 years ago, Carol! Well, for one thing, you hadn’t met me yet? 🙂 Just joking, of course. I hope you have a wonderful time.

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