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Like, Friday was the best day ever, Dude

Posted by Carol on September 22, 2008

Fridays are our very busy day at the chiropractor’s office.  The office has a very open floor plan and there is no little window for the receptionist (me) to sit behind. Therefore, I usually end up in all kinds of conversations with the patients as they wait to be treated.  Believe me, there are some days when I am wishing for that little window to hide behind.

But not this Friday.

One of our older patients who is in his eighties came by on Friday afternoon.  He still works in the financial industry and is as sharp as a tack. I have decided that he is now my favorite patient.

We were talking about the economy and the stock market and such when he said to me, “I know you are too young at 19 to be worrying about these kinds of things”.

I said, “Oh, I’m older than you think”.  

“Well, then, at 20, you’re still too young,” he said.

I didn’t bother correcting him.

Yup, new favorite patient.  I just hope his eyes are as sharp as his mind.


3 Responses to “Like, Friday was the best day ever, Dude”

  1. Beverlydru said

    Well I’m real happy for you. Bitter maybe. But happy. I was recently with my mother and a man said to us, “so you are sisters, right?” I responded, “well you just made my mom’s week, but I’m thinking that we’re not going to be friends.” My mom is 79. Needless to say, I have purchased a new skin care line. I think I need more than that. ; )

  2. Oh! Carol, that is just too funny–and true! I know your gorgeous and very young looking face! The guy is right! And I’m going to ask Beverly if she knows of any great products for eye wrinkles for me!!

  3. Melanie said

    This reminds me of a sales call I got yesterday. It was courtesy of the St. Pete Times. I answered and the first thing the man said was, “You sound very young. Are you over 18?” I’ve never seen him…don’t know his name…but somehow I feel I love him!

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