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My Very Exciting Trip to the Beauty Salon (I See What You’re Saying)

Posted by Carol on September 30, 2008

It is very handy to have a teenage son around when you are a technologically challenged 40 something mom.  If it were not for him, I would not have gotten to post this video, which maybe I’ll regret, but it seemed fun at the time.

Thanks, Linda, for hosting I See What You’re Saying.  Everyone should go check it out!

Edited to add:  I will try to get a picture of the Long Horn and post it asap!


[blip.tv ?posts_id=1315983&dest=-1]

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12 Responses to “My Very Exciting Trip to the Beauty Salon (I See What You’re Saying)”

  1. Oh, Carol, I’m SO glad you guys got it worked out! OK–LOVE the haircut! And it was so funny to hear the stylist’s voice asking about this project. And those cows, would they be “Jersey cows?” I’ve heard of them before. Don’t feel bad about your kids not wanting to participate. My youngest did not want to be on screen at all, and my son wasn’t around. My 22 year-old was feeling outgoing that day, so I just lucked out. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this, and your doggies are SO sweet and cute! Love ya, Carol!

  2. I love the haircut and highlights! You are right about the accent! As soon as you said Jersey I thought well she sounds like a Minnesota gal. (Which is what I am.) I am sad to say I was looking forward to the long horn. I never seen one. Maybe you could get a picture of one and post that?
    So nice to meet you!

  3. Kathy said

    I enjoyed your video. The haircut looks great. I made a video but could not get it on my dang blog so I understand the struggle with technology!

  4. Mary said

    Highlights look great! I think I need to put some in as well.. got the “gray” thing going on. Anyway, isn’t it wonderful when your stylist dries and styles your hair?? If only they could do it everyday for us.

  5. Fun video. You’re hair looks great! Love the highlights. I turned 40 in march and have started getting highlights for the same reason. Grays. Grrrr.

    Nice to SEE you.

  6. That was great! Darling haircut. And I so wanted to see the longhorn.

    Hook ’em Horns from Texas!

  7. Beverlydru said

    So you see, miracles do happen every day. I love your hair and thanks for a glimpse of New Jersey. This is fun. I didn’t get much work done yesterday with watching all the videos! I’m on restriction today. LOL

  8. Greg said

    Oh I need to show you rural. I am planning on doing a video one morning on my way to work. Just watch out for those deer in the headlights. Nice video and nice to see you.

  9. Oh, your hair looks amazing! What a great idea to do a before and after video. So fun! Very nice to meet you.

  10. Kim said

    Carol, I’ve enjoyed your blog for a while and it was so nice to see your smiling face on the video! I’ve been doing the same highlights-to-cover-the-gray routine for the past several years but am currently way past due for some serious salon time. I’ve had my hair cut once since we arrived — and the stylist wouldn’t let me pay. She said it was her way of saying “Bienvenidos!” Wow! But haven’t had time to go back for highlights yet. And about due for another cut, too.
    Anyway, just wanted to say how much I enjoy your Sunday music videos. Sometimes I listen multiple times throughout the week 🙂
    And just give your kids a few years and your blog won’t embarrass them. You’ll find they actually brag about you to their friends 🙂 Seriously! My son has even encouraged readers of his blog to go to mine. How cool is that?
    Once we’re settled in the house and have our own internet, I hope to get back to posting recipes on Saturdays. Now I have a whole new bunch to share!
    Sorry about the long comment. Sorta making up for all the times I’ve lurked 🙂

  11. Connie said

    Hi Carol,
    Love your hair! I didn’t do a video but sure enjoyed those of you who were brave enough to give it a try. The steer was a great addition! I will be back to check your blog out again.


  12. Deven Swan said

    Amazing idea! It was great to see the transformation, and the haircut looks super.

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