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Nature Made SAM-e Complete

Posted by Carol on November 13, 2008

I am not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV, but a few weeks ago when I was contacted to try a sample of SAM-e Complete and write a review about it, I thought to myself sure, why not?

Now I have to make a confession here. I’m not that great about remembering to take vitamins and the like.  I guess I should have told the Nature Made people that upfront. However, I did keep the SAM-e Complete out on my counter so I would not forget to take it. That plan worked and I remembered to take it most days.

First, let me tell you a little bit about SAM-e Complete. The box says it is clinically proven to “naturally restore a healthy mood”.  It is also for “Joint Comfort”. The Nature Made people emailed me several pictures of the SAM-e Complete box, but I could not get them to appear in the post. Sigh…

Here is some info I found about SAM-e at drugstore.com:

SAM-e (S-adenosylmethionine) is a naturally occurring compound found in all living organisms.  In humans, SAM-e is distributed throughout the body and is involved in many important biochemical processes.  Since significant amounts of SAM-e are not available through diet alone, the body is primarily responsible for producing its own SAM-e.  Scientists know that SAM-e declines as people age and that certain groups of people, including those with low mood and liver conditions, tend to have lower levels of SAM-e in their bodies.  Over 100 clinical studies involving thousands of people have proven that SAM-e supplementation benefits a multitude of body functions including:

  • Mood Support – Enhances mood by promoting a healthy balance of neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin, which are part of overall healthy brain cell functions.*
  • Joint Comfort – Relieves joint pain by helping to maintain joint cartilage which naturally deteriorates with physical activity and age.*
  • Liver Health – Helps support detoxification and overall healthy liver functions.*

I work at a chiropractor’s office, and I know they always prefer their patients to try more natural ways of getting help for their ailments.  I asked our acupuncturist/nutritionist/herbalist his opionion of SAM-e Complete, and he feels that SAM-e is great for those who feel a little down during the darker winter months or need a little help with their mood.

Personally, I feel this is where SAM-e Complete has made the most difference for me. I usually dread the time of year when we turn the clocks back and it stays darker soooo much longer. But this year, I barely have noticed a difference.  I will be replacing this box when it runs out for sure.

The Nature Made folks have a very fun and informative website for SAM-e at, you guessed it, www.SAM-e.com

I have a couple of $5 off coupons to give away if any of you would like to try SAM-e Complete. Just be the first two people to comment and they are yours!


3 Responses to “Nature Made SAM-e Complete”

  1. Dena said

    Thank you for the recommendation about this. I notice as I get older that I really struggle more and more each year with the darkness and “blah” of winter. I think I’ll give this a try, as I prefer to use more natural things as well.

  2. Melanie said

    I’ll give it whirl!

    I went back and read some of your postings and added you to my blogroll. You are funny.

  3. Dana said

    I just did a search for this and found your blog! I have noticed a BIG change in my moods lately, but not bad enough to warrant a trip to the dr.

    Your blog REALLY helped me! I would LOVE a coupon if you have one! my email is momof3darlings@yahoo.com

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