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Saturday Stirrings ~ To Be or Not To Be

Posted by Carol on November 14, 2008

For the past several weeks participation in Saturday Stirrings has been dwindling.  I know folks are busy and there are lots of things to do on a Saturday besides post a recipe on your blog. I’ve been kind of torn as to what to do.  I don’t mind posting Mr. Linky each week for those of you who want to share a recipe, but it’s really more fun if more people are involved and we have lots of new recipes to try. Otherwise, we could each just post a random recipe once in a while on our own blogs.

And that’s totally OK.

So I am asking you to take a poll and let me know your feelings about Saturday Stirrings.  I know this is posting on a Friday. There are a couple of reason for that. One is that I will be away for the weekend with no access to my computer. And another reason is that I wanted to give you all plenty of time to vote.

Feel free to leave any ideas or suggestions for Saturday Stirrings in the comments as well!


3 Responses to “Saturday Stirrings ~ To Be or Not To Be”

  1. Beverlydru said

    Look at you- a poll box and everything – I’m impressed.

    I find that like most creative endeavors in my life, cooking inspiration ebbs and flows. That’s why I don’t always participate. I do love small “carnivals” though, because you get a chance to really connect with other bloggers. The gigantic carnivals are overwhelming to me.
    I’ll be here either way. : )

  2. There are ebbs and flows to blogging. And I understand your frustration with little participation. I have a Monday carnival that dropped in participation so I now ask people to leave a link in the comments. That way, I’m still posting, and if anyone wants to play along they can. But it’s not the blow to my ego that seeing an empty Mr. Linky is.

    I’ll still be reading whether you post a Mr. Linky or not. I’ll play along when i can, just depends on schedule.

  3. Merrie said

    I have enjoyed all the recipes and your blog. I have to go out of town every weekend (sometimes it involves leaving on Friday)…unless I plan ahead and get it done and posted, then I can’t always do it. Mainly because I don’t have direct internet access where we go and I have to hope that someone in town has their wireless going and I can link to it… and most everybody only has dial-up… yeah, we are talking boonies…

    All that to say, that I love it and would participate more if I could… I”d say leave it.

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