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The Gingerbread House

Posted by Carol on December 9, 2008


I have written in the past about my lack of mad decorating skillz, but now I am offering proof.  Here is a picture of a gingerbread house Darling Daughter and I assembled this past weekend.

Notice I said “assembled” rather than “made”. I bought a kit at the grocery store that had all the parts ready to go. All we had to was “glue” it together with the royal icing and stick the candy in the right places.  Even so, I somehow managed to put one side of the roof on upside down. Fortunately there is enough sugar to hide even the worst decorating transgressions and keep our dentist in business for a very long time.

If you want to see a true gingerbread work of art, check out Linda’s masterpiece that she made from scratch. No kits for her, just lots of blood, sweat, and tears flour, sugar, and candy.

Oh, well. Easter will be here before we know it and I will once again get to show off my inner Martha Stewart when we decorate those eggs. With a kit, of course.


6 Responses to “The Gingerbread House”

  1. Merrie. said

    I’m with you… give me a kit! Yours looks great! Mine (even with a kit and instructions) didn’t make it for public (or even family) viewing!

  2. Beverlydru said

    Oh yeah, kits work for me too! Sounds like a Works for Me Wednesday. Have a terrific day!

  3. Dena said

    I have 3 kits sitting her waiting for the upcoming weekend when my girls are home from college. I’m so excited because I thought they wouldn’t want to do them anymore, but they do. Can’t wait! Lots of fun memories of past disasters come up and we laugh so much.

  4. Melanie said

    Hey, at least you attempted it!
    Anyway, it looks pretty good in the picture.

  5. Until this year, I have always done a kit, too. I think your cottage is cute. And it’s all about the memories anyway, right? Apparently, the only kind of food I’m good at is the ones you frost. Can’t frost a roast.

  6. Mel said

    I think it turned out lovely. When I tackle these things I always say it is for the experience and memories. As a teacher I am surprised by how many kids miss out on these simple things. So pat yourself on the back for taking the time with your child and enjoy that gingerbread. Curious…do you eat them? I find that we make them, leave them up for decorations, and then toss them after Christmas.

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