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Posted by Carol on January 7, 2009

Just before Christmas I was contacted by an organization called CollegeZapps asking me to look at their website and write about it here on my blog. I agreed on two conditions – that I liked what I saw and that I could wait until after the holidays to do it. Hey, I know my limitations and I wanted to make sure I had the time to really check  them out.

Check them out I did, and here’s what I found. CollegeZapps is a website that streamlines the college application process. Having gone through it all just a couple of years ago with our son, and with our daughter’s last year of high school approaching like a speeding locomotive, I was intrigued by the idea of CollegeZapps. Here’s a quote from the email they sent me:

We know that helping your student through the college application process can be like taking on a second job. Whether your kids are a few years away from applying to college, or just a few months, we can help.

Let’s face it; applying to college is confusing for a lot of students (and parents!). CollegeZapps was established in June 2007 to help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the college application through leading-edge technology. Our proprietary tool eliminates redundancy, which allows students to focus on their essays and other more important elements.

How It Works
Students are taken through four easy steps:

  1. Choose multiple schools. Students can choose from more than 1,100 schools within our network. Almost every school that has at least 1,500 students is listed in our database.
  2. Complete the questionnaire. Our tool walks students through every step of the process and never asks the same question twice – no matter how many applications are completed. Students can save their progress at any point and return to the in-progress application later.
  3. Print and proof. CollegeZapps generates print-ready, professional-looking applications in each school’s preferred format. Simply print and review.
  4. Send in the apps. Students can then drop each application in the mail along with any application fees, transcripts, reference letters or other materials.

Like I said, we just went through this process not too long ago and it is an ordeal. My son applied to 6 colleges, but I hear the average is more like 10.  And, believe it or not, a woman in our high school’s guidance office told me there are kids whose parents make them apply to 30 schools. That is definitely not the norm. That’s what happens when kids are raised in an over achieving suburb in New Jersey.

But wouldn’t those poor kids who applied to way too many schools have loved CollegeZapps? They would have only had to fill out the questionnaire on the website once (not answering the same question over and over again on each application), and write the appropriate essays for the colleges. CollegeZapps would then plug the information from the questionnaire into the correct application format for each college or university and once printed, it is ready to be mailed.

All Mom and Dad have to do is write a check for each application fee, request transcripts and letters of recommendation from the high school, then wait with great anticipation to see which institution of higher learning is going to get all their money for the next 4 years.

From what I can tell from the website, it only costs $5 for each application and believe me, it sounds like money well spent. Or you can use the Zapp Track feature which, for $25, lets your student apply to an unlimited number of colleges. I really should tell my friend in the guidance office about this.  Her students will thank me.

There are a couple of other nifty features CollegeZapps offers. They keep you posted on where in the application process your child should be. They remind your student of where in the application process they should be, putting the responsibility on their shoulders, where it really should be by this stage of the game. They put you in the running for a $250 Target gift card when you sign up for Zapp Track. Very nifty. There are also sections of the website for parents, for students, and for guidance counselors with pertinent info for each.

So, do yourself a favor and visit CollegeZapps. You’ll be glad you did. I’m pretty sure we’ll be using them next fall when Darling Daughter is ready to apply to her not 30 colleges!

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5 Responses to “WFMW ~ CollegeZapps”

  1. Dena said

    Wow, this would have been wonderful to have before pulling our hair out trying to get twins signed up. LOL I’m definitely going to keep them in mind for my son. He’s only a Freshman, but we all know how fast these years go by.

  2. Wanda said

    Holy shmoly! My son is a senior now…and we are just about to start the process. IT has already been stressful!
    This sounds very helpful!

  3. Lorie said

    What a great concept!!

  4. Beverlydru said

    I’m finished with this- my baby just went off to college. I can say that the applications were extensive. In Florida most required essays too. (And not the same essay!) If this lightens the load, it’s worth it! It was a lot of work.

  5. Wanted to say Hi. 🙂 Neat blog. What an interesting resource. I have to tell my girlfriend who has two daughters doing the college process. 🙂

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