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Saturday Stirrings ~ It’s All You!

Posted by Carol on January 16, 2009

By Saturday morning I will be in a state far, far away from home with no access to my cookbooks or recipes.  I am actually auto-posting this, but with all the packing and emotional energy I am expending getting college son ready to go back to school, I just don’t have the motivation to post a recipe. Sorry.

So…it’s all you today.  Here is Mr. Linky.  Be sure to link directly to your recipe post, not your home page.  Please link back here because even though I don’t have a thing to offer you this week, I’m sure y’all will step up and have great recipes your readers will not want to miss!

Feel free to leave a recipe in the comments if you don’t have a blog.

Happy Saturday, everyone!


3 Responses to “Saturday Stirrings ~ It’s All You!”

  1. Mr. Linky isn’t showing up. I wonder if it’s because you had to schedule this post? Oh well.

    I’m making over some of favorite baked goods – this is a healthier version of pineapple banana muffins!


  2. Mel said

    I couldn’t get to the Mr. Linky either, but here is a link to my crab and corn bisque. Enjoy!! http://www.melsboxofchocolates.com/2009/01/five-point-friday-crab-and-corn-bisque.html

  3. Carol said

    Heather and Mel,
    Thanks so much for leaving your recipe in the comments. Mr. Linky has been a little moody lately, but I was able to add your links for you. Hopefully, he’ll cooperate and play nice next week.

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