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Reporting live from 1777 miles from home.

Posted by Carol on January 18, 2009

Well, here we are, far, far away from home. We’ve done our Target runs, checked into (but haven’t moved into) the dorm, met the roommate, and eaten out a lot.

All that’s left to do today is to move into the dorm, buy the textbooks and supplies, and remember I don’t wear waterproof mascara when it’s time to say goodbye tonight. Then tomorrow morning, I get on a plane to fly 1777 miles away from my heart. Other than that, no problem.

The plane ride out was great. Since my son has the same name as my husband, and my husband travels so much for his job that he has reached exalted status on Continental Airlines, College Son got bumped to first class.

Being the kind-hearted kid that he is, and under orders from his dad, he gave me his seat in first class.  I could have gotten all sentimental and asked the gate agent to give me a seat in coach next to my darling child who I won’t be seeing for several months, but HELLO? First Class!

While College Son was back in row 15 sandwiched between very-large-snoring guy, and lady-who-reads-out-loud-to-herself, I was in the land of Lots O Leg Room and Real Food Served With Real Metal Utensils.

Not long after take-off, a flight attendant offered the First Class passengers something to drink.  After the drinks were served, she then took our breakfast orders. The choices were a cheese omelet or oatmeal. I chose the cheese omelet. When the omelet arrived it also came with two slices of ham and a sausage. On the side was a bowl of sliced fruit and a bowl of yogurt. I decided to really live large and ask for coffee AND oj to drink.  The omelet was surprisingly delicious for airplane food.

Meanwhile back in coach, College Son, VLSG, and LWROLTH were offered cold cereal, a muffin and a drink.

At the end of the flight, right before landing, they passed out warm chocolate chip cookies and milk to the first class passengers. Sweet!

Tomorrow I will be in coach possibly next to a VLSG and LWROLTH, and there will definitely be no fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.  But I will be going home, and that’s even better.

Gotta run, College Son is anxious to get going to the dorms!


5 Responses to “Reporting live from 1777 miles from home.”

  1. Dena said

    aaawww glad to hear the flight went well. I know how hard your heartstrings will be pulling on you. It’s bitter sweet, isn’t it?

  2. Ok, now you’ve got Dena and me pulling for you and praying for you. It will all be OK. Loved the flight description. Just be glad I wasn’t next to you throwing up and sitting on your lap.

  3. Melanie said

    Recently my college girl changed her plans from transferring locally to my alma mater (14 hrs away). Now she will be commuting an hour in the fall. But, still, I feel your pain.
    I’ve experienced those first class cookies, too. Fun, huh?

  4. That first class seat for you was a first class hug from God for the first class mommy you are!! How cool!

  5. Val said

    If you ask me about the kids going to college almost 2000 miles away now…..I would do a jig:)

    However, when the time comes, I am sure I will have locked them in a closet!

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