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WFMW ~ Magic Eraser

Posted by Carol on January 21, 2009

Oh my goodness. Is it Wednesday already? I guess it is. So that means it’s time to write a Works for me Wednesday post.

I recently had the opportunity to do a side-by-side comparison of the Magic Eraser with Powerful Foaming Cleaner for Kitchen and Bath vs “A Leading Brand”.  When I say I did a side-by-side comparison, I am not kidding. The Magic Eraser people sent me two scummy bathroom tiles, crayons, a marker, and a chili recipe to use to mess up my kitchen. Thankyouverymuch, but I don’t need any extra help messing up my kitchen. It’s pretty much a daily occurrence.

I have to admit I sat on this one for a while because the instructions that came along with the products instructed me to write with the crayon on my wall and see which cleaning product got it off better.

Yeah, that’s not happening.

My kids are teenagers and I am well past the “oh, isn’t little Johnny’s artwork on the drywall just adorable” stage. I was very squeamish about actually letting the crayon touch any part of my walls.  It turned out to be one of those teenagers who told me to just deal with it and found a spot inside my pantry to test the crayon on. She figured no one would notice a little wall art if they are too distracted looking for food. Oh me of little faith, I was afraid I might have to live with the aftermath of our little test if the results were less than desirable.

Since I’d rather show you than tell you how things turned out, here’s some pictures of our cleaning adventures.

magic-eraser-test-and-lauren-0031 magic-eraser-test-and-lauren-0061

The Magic Eraser did such a good job on my stove that I went ahead and cleaned the whole thing before I remembered that I was supposed to try “A Leading Brand” also. The foaming side of the Eraser provided just enough cleaner to get the greasy mess cleaned up.

Now, to tackle the scummy tiles. (I really don’t want to know how they gotmagic-eraser-test-and-lauren-021 that way!)


The Magic Eraser made cleaning the scummy tile so much easer than “A Leading Brand” that I ended up finishing both tiles with it rather than scrubbing forever with the mystery cleanser. Magic Eraser wins round 2!

Now for round 3, we had to draw on the tile with the marker they provided.

magic-eraser-test-and-lauren-027magic-eraser-test-and-lauren-033I have to be honest here, round 3 ended in a tie. Both the Magic Eraser and the Leading Brand got the marker off the tiles quickly and easily.

Score after 3 rounds: Magic Eraser – 3;  A Leading Brand – 1

The next test was to draw with the marker on a wall.


The Magic Eraser got the marker off the wall. The Leading Brand did not even after much scrubbing.  See?

magic-eraser-test-and-lauren-0391Magic Eraser wins again!

The last test was to write on the wall with crayon. We chose the inside of the pantry again, just in case.


The Magic Eraser did a great job removing the crayon. The “Leading Brand” did not remove the crayon and I had to finish the job with the Eraser.

Over all, the Magic Eraser did a much better job than “The Leading Brand”. I had already been a fan of Magic Eraser, but now I have proof that it really is better!

For more great hints, see what works for everyone else over at Rocks in my Dryer!


6 Responses to “WFMW ~ Magic Eraser”

  1. Dena said

    I love, love, love magic erasers! I keep on in my sponge holder in my sink all the time for quick clean-ups.

  2. Beverly said

    If I ever get the urge to clean, I will remember this post. LOL. Can you just come over & show me how well it works? Like, in every room?

    Rats. I’ll go buy some then. Never used it.But I need to.

  3. Beverlydru said

    I have never left comments under my business blog info and didn’t realize I was signed into WordPress from there. I am one and the same as the Beverly commeter who “needs cleaning assistance”. LOL

  4. yes, this is a useful post, unlike 100% of my posts. But Carol–please. Go get season 1 of LOST and get caught up with us. You can do it!

  5. Melanie said

    Good to know. Must Get Magic Eraser!

  6. Deb said

    I have a white kitchen sink and every time I was my cookie sheets in the sink it leaves behind black marks. At first I got them removed by using a green scratch pad but the shiny finish on my sink started to get dull. On a whim one day I thought I would try my magic ereaser on these marks. Simply by just wiping over them, the marks disappeared. Love that magic ereaser!!!

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