I Throw Like a Girl

I am so cold today that I might just go buy one of these…

Posted by Carol on January 30, 2009

Come on, you know you want one, too!🙂

3 Responses to “I am so cold today that I might just go buy one of these…”

  1. Linda said

    OK, I’m gonna have to do a whole post about the Snuggie because it is an item of discussion in our household on almost a daily basis. My college son FBkd me saying to expect two snuggies that he has ordered. Too funny!

  2. Carol said

    They’re taking over the world, I tell ya!

  3. Mel said

    It’s so funny how everybody is talking about these. I didn’t know that they didn’t have a back until my local radio station talked about them. Don’t you think they are still freezing outside without their backs being covered?

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