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I have always felt…

Posted by Carol on February 3, 2009


that if it were still winter…


and going to be cold anyway…


that it might as well…




7 Responses to “I have always felt…”

  1. Dena said

    Looks like you must live right next door to me. Howdy neighbor. 🙂

  2. Carol, you are so right! The beauty of this pure white snow covering the trees is absolutely breath-taking! So, we might as well enjoy the Winter Wonderland Days that God has given us! Love those pictures!

  3. Beautiful snow! It looks pretty this morning, too. Of course I may not think that later when I’m shoveling it, but from inside my warm house the snow outside looks great!

  4. Terra said

    AMEN Carol, AMEN. I love winter and I love snow…and your photos were amazing.

  5. Merrie. said

    Yes, I love snow… temporarily! I get excited when they predict snow. I have actually been disappointed this winter with the lack of snow. We did get some ice. That’s not as much fun! But, my favorite time of year is still summer!

  6. Beverly said

    Brrr. Totally Brrr. No snow in Florida but it was 19 here this morning!

  7. Mel said

    I completely agree! Let it snow here in Delaware too.

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