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Saturday Stirrings ~ Quick & Easy Scrambled Eggs

Posted by Carol on February 6, 2009

A few weeks ago, my husband taught me a brand new way to make scrambled eggs. I was very impressed that my husband had learned something new in the kitchen. I also was very impressed with how quick and easy the preparation and the clean up is when making these eggs.

I am not a morning person and anything that makes the mornings go a little easier, especially on busy weekdays, I really appreciate.  Also, I just re-joined Weight Watchers and I prefer having protein in the morning because it keeps me more full than carbs do. At 4 points for 2 eggs, this really works for me as a quick and easy weekday breakfast.

winter-backyard-and-eggs-008Spray a small bowl with non-stick spray. Then crack two eggs into the bowl.  Add a splash of water to the eggs.

winter-backyard-and-eggs-009Scramble the eggs with a fork until well mixed together.

winter-backyard-and-eggs-010Put the eggs in your microwave for approximately one minute.  You may need more or less time depending on your microwave. The eggs will be starting to cook around the edges. Take your fork and give it a quick stir.


At this point, you can add some shredded cheese if you like.  Then put it back in the microwave for another minute.

winter-backyard-and-eggs-012And there you have them – quick and easy scrambled eggs with no pan to clean up.  That makes me happy.

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Now go forth and cook something!


4 Responses to “Saturday Stirrings ~ Quick & Easy Scrambled Eggs”

  1. Farrah said

    Hey there! Been awhile! I sure am inconsistent with memes, huh?

    I’m pretty full from dinner, but your picture has put me in the mood for scrambled eggs! And I’m TOTALLY impressed by the bowl! Wow, Girl! You guys eat in style over there! 🙂

    Guess what?? My recipe ALSO came from my husband!

  2. Beverly said

    I haven’t been inspired to get creative in cooking since Christmas. But oh, this cake inspired me.

  3. I guess both of us have breakfast on the brain! My hubby does scrambled eggs in the microwave all the time. Maybe it’s a guy thing? But like you, it’s fast, easy, and less clean up. I like it!!

    Have a great weekend, Carol!

  4. Kim said

    A microwave makes life much easier, doesn’t it? I miss mine. We used to make “fried” eggs in the microwave too. We’d oil a bowl, crack open an egg and cook for like 30-45 seconds, I forget which but not very long. These were great for egg sandwiches 🙂

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