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Potpourri for $400, Alex

Posted by Carol on March 16, 2009

There is so much going on right now, but nothing really seems bloggable.  So here is  a little snippet of everything and nothing.

1.  College Son is home for Spring Break!  Yippee!  He leaves on Friday to go back to college. Boo.

2. I have begun teaching a Thursday evening Bible study at my church. We are studying the book of 2 Corinthians. I make everyone in my class wear a toga to make it more realistic. 

Just kidding.

3.  The Big Move to Denver is becoming more real each day. I had a handyman over today to give us some estimates on fixing a few things we know will be a problem in the sale. Problems like, oh, the hole in my kitchen ceiling that we’ve lived with for over a year now.  Before you think I was raised in a barn, I need to tell you that the hole is barely noticeable. It is more like a slit in the paint that occurred when water came pouring out when we replaced the bathtub upstairs.  

Now don’t you want to run right out and contact a realtor to put an offer on our house right away?

4.  I do have some sad news for you. Our beloved golden retriever, Sadie, is not doing too well. She has been diagnosed with a terminal disease.  She is 12 1/2 years old. We have long ago decided that when her time came, we would not go through heroic efforts to keep her around longer than her age and health would warrant. There is treatment for what she has, but it would not prolong her life, just manage her symptoms.  To get the treatment, her blood levels have to be measured precisely, and those tests would run thousands of dollars. After discussing the situation with our vet, we have decided that she is not suffering and we will keep an eye on her to decide when it is her time to go.  I know her time with us is limited and it makes me sad that she will be leaving us. She has been such a special and loving dog.

But – she’s still here for now. So we will enjoy and love her every day while we still have her.

Well, on that happy note, I’ll sign off for now. 



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  1. Dena said

    I’m so sorry for what you’re going through with your dog. We went through the same thing with our dog Sammi almost two years ago, and she was 15. They do become such an important part of the family and of your daily lives, that it’s hard to even imagine not having them around.

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