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Saying Goodbye to Sadie

Posted by Carol on March 19, 2009

philips-new-years-eve-pary-035We had to put our 12 1/2 old Golden Retriever/Lab mix to sleep today. Two weeks ago she was diagnosed with Cushings Disease.  We thought we had a few months left with her, but it turned out to be much less. She really was a great dog – very gentle and loving. She used to come with me to nursing homes to visit the residents and she brought them much joy, too. (I feel like I’m writing an obituary).

Sadie came to live with us 12ish years ago when we were living in Virginia. One day on the front page of the daily paper was a story about several horses that had been confiscated from a local farm because of neglect. They were available for adoption from the ASPCA for much less than it would normally cost to buy a horse.  My husband lived on a ranch for part of his teenage years and knows how to ride and care for horses. We thought it might be fun to get a horse and oh, what a bargain it was, and we packed up some carrots to go see the horses while the kids were at school.

By the time we arrived at the ASPCA, we had talked ourselves out of getting a horse.  The time involved, the cost of boarding, and what if we ever moved? (little did we know, we would be moving in less than 6 months)  But since we were there, we fed the horses the carrots we brought, and then decided to just take a look at the dogs.

There were adorable puppies of the alittlebitofeverything breed. There were mangy looking dogs. There were hyper dogs that did nothing but jump and bark every time you looked at them. And then there was this little golden retriever mix that just sat in her cage, cocked her head to one side and wagged her tail at me.

That dog was Sadie, and I fell in love with her immediately. To my surprise, her cage was unlocked. So taking my life in my own hands, (insert sarcasm) I let myself in and started petting this skinny dog, whose fur was thin and coarse from malnutrition and her skin covered with dead fleas and sores.

I was immediately reprimanded by an ASPCA worker for putting myself in such danger with this vicious golden retriever. I couldn’t help but laugh. The worker seemed more scary than this dog and I felt much safer inside the cage with Sadie rather than coming out to face the wrath of this woman.

Sadie didn’t come home with us that day. My husband made arrangements to pick her up the next day and after stopping by a groomer to get the last of those dead fleas off, she has been ours for the past 12 years.

We will really miss her and I can’t help but think that somehow our pets will be with us in Heaven. Please don’t beat me up for my theology today. Tomorrow I will start dealing in reality again.

Blessings to you!


8 Responses to “Saying Goodbye to Sadie”

  1. Mel said

    Oh Carol, I feel your pain. I am praying for peace and comfort during this sad time. We lost our beloved dog over the summer and still everyday something reminds us of him. No theological lecture here…I hope Sadie and our Mako are enjoying running around the green pastures inside the pearly gates! ((hugs))

  2. Mel said

    i just want you to know we went through this twice last year it was heartbreaking…thinking of you

  3. Beverlydru said

    I’m so sorry. You wrote a beautiful obituary. Sadie…what a sweet name for a sweet dog.

  4. Merrie. said

    Aww, Sadie is the perfect dog! I know you will miss her and her companionship. I believe that our good pets will meet us in heaven… and if they aren’t there, Jesus will be and we won’t miss them. But, since earth is a picture of what is in heaven (except for the evil and bad) then, I do believe that pets are there too. Haven’t found it in the Bible… but it helps to think it here.

  5. Diana said

    Carol I feel for you, we had to do the same thing with our 12 year old yellow lab last April. It tore our hearts. Thanks for sharing your story.

  6. Oh Carol, how my heart goes out to you. What a blessing God gave you in her. And I’m hoping for pets in heaven, just so ya know.

  7. I’m so sorry about your Sadie! May the Lord continue to comfort you and your household.

  8. Dena said

    We lost 2 dogs within a month of each other almost two years ago and it was a hard thing to deal with. My vote is for our sweet pets to be in heaven with us too.

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