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Oh the things you hear while shopping at Barnes and Noble

Posted by Carol on March 21, 2009

Sidenote: Dear Barnes and Noble, How much do I have to spend at your store before I warrant my own dedicated parking spot? Because I totally think whatever that amount it is, I have surpassed that number. Thank you very much.

Darling Daughter and I were once again at our favorite store, B & N, yesterday when I decided to order some caffienated beverages from the Starbucks that is smack dab in the middle of the store. (cue angels singing)

On my way back to the section DD was perusing with a beverage in each hand, I overheard the following cell phone conversation. In my defense, the woman spoke very loudly, so I couldn’t help but hear what she was saying.

I need to tell you that this lady had one arm full of at least 4-5 books as she held her cell phone up to her ear with the other.

Loud Lady – I know I’m late, but I’m stuck in traffic on Route 1!

Me – ? (yes, the B & N is on Route 1, but I don’t see any traffic here inside the store.)

LL – Yes, Matthew, I will be there as soon as this traffic clears up…. I don’t know! Maybe 15 minutes or so.

Something you proabably don’t know or can’t tell about me from reading this blog is that I find almost everything to be pretty funny. So I probably owe Loud Lady an apology, because once I realized that the traffic she was referring to was her decision to stop at Barnes and Noble rather than be on time for whatever and that she was lying about it very loudly in public on her cell phone, I burst out laughing.

And yes, she knew I heard her and knew I was laughing at what she said.

I know, inappropriate.

So I smiled at her and shrugged my shoulders and went on my merry way as she kept on talking to Matthew.

Let’s hope she bought him a book at least.

How about you?

Have you accidently overheard anything funny on someone else’s loud cell phone conversation?


3 Responses to “Oh the things you hear while shopping at Barnes and Noble”

  1. Nothing that I can recall. But I do not like it when people talk on the cell phones in a public restroom! Big pet peeve of mine!

  2. Dena said

    Too funny! Just yesterday I was in Bath & Body Works and I overheard a woman on the phone trying to help someone decided what scent to buy. She was listing every scent they had and then she’d say “Ok, lets narrow it down to five kinds and go from there. ” I could tell how exasperrated she was getting & it cracked me up.

  3. Cindy said

    Very cute post.

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