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Saturday Stirrings ~ 5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

Posted by Carol on March 28, 2009

You’re going to either love me or hate me for this one! Another name for it is Dangerous Chocolate Cake. It’s dangerous because homemade chocolate cake is now always just 5 minutes away.


  • 4 tablespoons flour
  • 4 tablespoons sugar
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa
  • 1 egg
  • 3 tablespoons milk
  • 3 tablespoons oil
  • 3 tablespoons chocolate chips (optional)
  • A small splash of vanilla extract
  • 1 large coffee mug (MicroSafe) Sprayed with Pam
  1. Add dry ingredients to mug, and mix well.
  2. Add the egg and mix thoroughly.
  3. Pour in the milk and oil and mix well..
  4. Add the chocolate chips (if using) and vanilla extract, and mix again.
  5. Put your mug in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes at 1000 watts.
  6. The cake will rise over the top of the mug, but don’t be alarmed!
  7. Allow to cool a little, and tip out onto a plate if desired.
  8. Then EAT! (This can serve 2 if you want to feel slightly more virtuous).

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9 Responses to “Saturday Stirrings ~ 5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake”

  1. Dena said

    Carol, your recipe reminded me of a recipe I have like it, only it’s even easier, so that’s the one I posted. I haven’t tried your style of cake though yet, so I’m going to hopefully do that this weekend. Sounds yummy.

  2. Since I have stopped using sugar/artificial sweeteners, I have been experimenting with recipes to use honey for sweetness.
    These muffins are GOOD!

  3. Beverlydru said

    I’m pretending I didn’t see this. I don’t think the Weight Watcher points will fit on my daily calculator. LOL.

  4. I’ve been looking for something that I can make that will calm my chocolate cravings with making a whole batch of brownies or cookies. This definitely would be dangerous!!!

  5. Debbie said

    Sounds yummy but oh so not helpful for losing wieght! I dropped by from @nd cup to offer some words of encouragement on the 30×5 Challenge.

    So here goes:
    KEEP IT UP! Go girl. Wooohooo for your willpower. You can do this.

    So sorry about the loss of your friend. I always have to remind myself that God has all the pieces to the puzzle and sees the whole picutre, not just the section I’m working on.

  6. Jenny said

    Stopping by from 2nd cup of coffee and so glad I did, that looks yummy. I do something similiar that I learned from a princess house consultant,but I just use ready made brownie mix:)

  7. Diane said

    I’ve pretty much got a love/hate/love thing going on. More love than hate. That is good.

  8. Diana said

    My daughter loves making stuff in a cup.

  9. I got behind this weekend, so I’m just now linking up. Sorry! 🙂

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