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Now I have to find a new gas station

Posted by Carol on March 31, 2009

One of the very best things about living in New Jersey is that it is illegal to pump your own gas. All the stations are full service. And in an ironic twist, NJ has some of the lowest gas prices in the country, so we really are not paying more for the glorious benefit of staying in our temperature controlled vehicles while keeping our hands clean as our tanks are filled.

The story behind this is that apparently some poor sap blew himself up while filling up about 50 years ago. And since the State of NJ is ever trying to protect us poor saps from ourselves, the NJ legislation promptly made the law that has affected every motorist with an empty tank since.

As misguided as the law might be, I personally think it’s a fantastic thing. I don’t miss the smell of gasoline on my hands one little bit. Oregon is the only other state to have such wise lawmakers as ours.

We are moving out of state this summer, so I will have to reacquaint myself with the workings of the gas pump very soon. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy each and every time I don’t have to pump it myself.

Except on Thursday when I filled up at the station that I always go to. It is very convenient to where I work and shop, but I fear I cannot go there again.


The last several times I went there for gas (which is about once per week), one of the attendants who is very young has been very polite and friendly, always telling me to have a “beautiful day” or a “gorgeous day” or a “fantastic day”. I just chalked it up to him being a friendly guy trying to brighten the days of the harried motorists stopping by.

Last Thursday, I was running on empty, so I pulled up to the pump and Friendly Guy came out to fill ‘er up. It was a nice day, so I left my window down a little longer than usual after giving him my credit card and since there were no other cars there, Friendly Guy came right up to my window and started talking.

Those who know me IRL know that I will talk to anyone much to the embarrassment of my children. But I did feel a little funny about this because he was right up against my car and invading my personal space.

Friendly Guy: What a beautiful day!

Me: Yes, it is.

FG: So, do you have any plans this weekend?

Me: Well, my husband and I have a funeral to go to on Saturday.

(it was true and I was thinking talking funerals would put a damper on the conversation, but no, here’s where things got weird)

FG: Oh, that’s too bad, was it your husband’s girlfriend?

Me: ???  No, it was one of my husband’s best friends, but he was definitely a man.

FG: Well, death is part of life. I am working on Saturday.

Me: Oh, I thought you might be. (still confused by the previous comment)

FG: But I’m done early, do you want to get together after the funeral?

Me: (mouth hanging open) No. I will be hanging out with my HUSBAND and children on Saturday.

Did I not mention my husband at least two other times in this conversation?! Did I tell you that I am a 44 year old woman and probably old enough to be this guy’s mother?!

I couldn’t get out of there fast enough after the gas was pumped.

Dear Husband laughed hysterically when I told him the story.

Now you all have a “Gorgeous Day”.


8 Responses to “Now I have to find a new gas station”

  1. Dena said

    All I can think to say is “eeewww”. He definitely sounds like someone to stay away from.

  2. By the end of this recap my jaw was on the floor.

  3. Jenny said

    Oh my goodness, that guy could not take a hint.

    I hate pumping gas I wish they would do they here, without the creepy guy of course.

  4. Two students who used to be in our college ministry came back for a visit during spring break. Now that they are living in NJ, I learned of this unique law just this month. But they didn’t tell me about the creepy gas station attendants!

  5. Diana said

    My mom lives in NJ and she says she never wants to pump her own gas. On the other hand, when we visit, we get antsy waiting for an attendant to come over and pump our gas, then we wait on them to come back when the pump shuts off so that we can pay them.

    And I don’t have to deal with weirdo attendants.

  6. Pam M. said

    What’s with the Creepy gas station attendants? Too many gas fumes inhaled daily? I have one up here. Overly friendly doesn’t begin to describe him. He tried to kiss my hand…..once. Needless to say, I go to the gas station down the street from his. They are two or three cents higher, but at least I don’t have some strange man’s drooly lips on my hand.
    Ugghh!!!! and Bleccchhh!!!

  7. Kim said

    Too funny in a weird creepy kind of way! I agree he’s been smelling the fumes too long.

  8. Oh, my!

    Just wanted to say I live in OR where I don’t have to pump my own gas, either! It has spoiled me, as I have lived her just under a couple of years. I may never move!

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