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Bath Time!

Posted by Carol on April 1, 2009

misc-from-l-146Here is our little dog, Kobi, right after his bath.

He hates getting a bath.

It’s so undignified.

But do you know what is even more undignified?

Showing up at my back door after rolling around in deer doo-doo and expecting me to welcome you with open arms.

Not happening.

Consider yourself warned.


4 Responses to “Bath Time!”

  1. Jenny said

    LOL, my dog rolled in something the other day and met the same fate.. She was not happy with me.

  2. Diana said

    Hey, today I was walking the dog, and she jerked her head out of her collar and took off, came back with nasty stuff on her. So we hosed her down. We don’t have a spa for dogs, you run off, and come back with nasty stuff, you don’t get warm water in the tub. You don’t come in the house. I like your post

  3. Dena said

    Four years ago one of our dogs got a direct hit from a skunk. So direct that his face and entire front was yellow. He not only got several baths from me, but an emergency trip to the groomer. He was not a happy boy.

  4. Oh I lurve the Kobi!

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