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Game On

Posted by Carol on April 15, 2009

It’s official – our house is on the market. Over the almost 23 years we have been married, we have bought and sold 6 homes (this will be our 7th sale) with all the moves we have made across the country.

Normally, I am a very laid-back person, but as soon as that “For Sale” sign goes up in the yard, something snaps in my head and I become extremely Type A.  It becomes my mission to get our house sold and no dust bunny, errant piece of paper, or glob of toothpaste in the bathroom sink is going to get in my way.

Because we all know that dust bunnies have thwarted many a home sale in the history of real estate transactions.

My poor family. Please say a prayer for them. They are not used to this strange woman who will be living with them for the duration of the home sale.

Or pray for me, that I keep it all in stride and realize that a toothpaste glob is not in control.


It’s good to be back after Spring Break. I’ve missed you!


7 Responses to “Game On”

  1. Beverlydru said

    Welcome back- we missed you too. Spill the beans as soon as you can about your trip to scope out the new territory.

  2. Dena said

    Good luck on getting your house sold quickly.

  3. Jenny said

    I was the same way when we sold our last house, it drove everyone nuts. My realtor even put Mrs. Clean lives here on our flyer:)

  4. Missed you too! We had our house on the market a while back (no sale), and it totally stressed me out to try to keep things clean. God help my family if/when we ever put the house back on the market!

  5. Kim said

    Glad you’re back, whichever “you” it is 🙂 It is funny how certain situations change us into a different kind of person. Tell your family to be grateful that only selling a house causes your alter ego to appear, and then only for the duration 🙂

  6. Diana said

    Good luck with your house, your move, everything.

  7. I can just imagine the crazed woman you have become! Don’t worry, she, too, will pass…and dust bunnies will happily romp in CO! And, hey, if you want to pour any of your cleaning fanaticism into my home, come on down! You’ve got a key! Just let yourself in and have a blast! Love you so much!

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