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Monday Morning List

Posted by Carol on May 4, 2009

Good Morning! Lotsa everything and nothing happening around here, so I thought I’d get you all caught up with a list. (Almost spelled lisp which sort of fits)

1. Due to the torturous reviews I have read by Big Mama and Vickie Courtney about Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred, I went ahead and ordered a DVD for myself. It’s 20 minutes a day for 30 days (hence the name). I figured I can do anything for 20 minutes a day. Especially at level 1. However, I need to ask Jillian a question – Since when did 20 minutes turn into 27 minutes??? The timer on my DVD player says that it is 27 minutes long.  Ahem…  20 minutes I can do, 27 minutes has my legs protesting loudly. But I feel like I have accomplished something when I’m done.  And, I can do anything for 27 minutes, I guess.

2. The home sale – after 2 weeks of 0 showings, we lowered our price and have now had 1-2 showings a day since last weekend. Yippee!! Except for the unidentified toothbrush I found in my toothbrush holder, I am thrilled.

3. The home search – we have now officially placed offers on 3 different homes in Colorado (not all at the same time – the first 2 didn’t work out) and are waiting to hear back on the latest offer this afternoon. Please pray that we end up where He wants us to. Thank you.

4.  I am trying to figure out what to do with myself once we move to Colorado. The commute back to Jersey is just too long for me to keep my job at the chiropractors’ office. My last day there is May 8th. Plus as a little girl, “chiropractors’ office manager” was not on my list of things I want to be when I grow up. I have a couple ideas I may run by you in the next couple of days.

Well, since it’s not May 8th yet, I gotta get to work.  I have a few more points to add this afternoon for my Monday Afternoon List.



5 Responses to “Monday Morning List”

  1. Beverlydru said

    You are braver than I with the Jillian thing. Praying for you re: the move, jobs, houses, etc.

  2. Mel said

    I was in the middle of Level 2 when we went on vacation and my shredding stopped. I was just thinking that I really need to get back onto it. I was definitely seeing results. Good luck!! You can do it.

  3. Diana said

    Good luck with all of the moving and changing homes. That’s always a stressful time, so the exercising will help loosen you up.

  4. Shauna said

    Ok – I may have to go out and grab this DVD because I need to do something bad. Like bad bad…

  5. Angela said

    I am remarkably good at talking myself out of doing my “30 Day Shred” dvd. It is just SO HARD. And I hate that having to shower after (soaked with sweat) means the 20 minute workout becomes a 35+ minute time-sucker.
    Was nice to find your blog!

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