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Let the Digging Begin

Posted by Carol on May 17, 2009

Do you remember the Promised Land that I showed you in yesterday’s post, Adventures in Septic Systems?

Here, let me refresh your memory:

septic system 001This is the chosen location for the new septic field. Little did I know how much digging is required to make a new septic field. This is just the beginning of all the digging:

septic system 011By the time they are ready to get down to business, this will be an 8 foot deep hole. The picture really does not do it justice. It is 47 feet long by 25 feet wide. It is going to be quite the large hole. Maybe they’ll find Jimmy Hoffa down there. This is New Jersey after all!

Right now they have just removed the grass and top soil. Once they really get going deep, I will be right there taking pictures for your enjoyment. The guys already think I’m crazy, so I’ll just be reinforcing that idea.

The new septic field is not the only place that needs digging.  They also have to put in two new septic tanks closer to the house. My husband just informed me that one is for solids, ahem, and the other is for liquids. How each knows where to go, I don’t want to know.

Here’s our current septic tank. It is safely and very non-threatenly underground. Just the way I like it.

septic system 018But, they couldn’t leave well enough alone. See all that lovely pachysandra around it. Well, say goodbye to at least half of it.  The guys had to dig a trench to connect this old tank to the new tanks.

septic system 021The beginning of the end of my pachysandra and a few other bushes. Sigh.

septic system 020The guys actually don’t mind me taking their pictures. They want me to show them to their boss to prove they are working. All he’d really have to do is look around a little bit and see the evidence of their handywork.

See the black shoe in the lower right corner? That’s my husband’s foot. He can hardly stand it with all the digging and heavy equipment around. You’ll see more of him in later episodes.

septic system 024Oh, Look! We struck….

Oil? No.

Gold? No.

Diamonds? No.

Oh, never mind.

septic system 025But this guy is paid handsomely (at least I hope he is) to take care of such messes.

june 1st 2008 015Let’s end this post on a high note and focus on what little beauty is left in our yard.

More septic system pictures to come. Don’t worry, I think the worst is behind us (as far as grossness goes).


5 Responses to “Let the Digging Begin”

  1. When they function properly, septic tanks are wonderfully efficient and low-cost. When they don’t, they are the [cess] pits.

    Be sure and pump out your new one every couple of years, to keep it working for decades.

  2. Yeah…we have a septic tank.
    We have it pumped about every 9 months.

  3. Kim said

    hahaha I feel for you Carol. Hopefully it will be over quickly and your yard — and life — can get back to normal.

  4. Diana said

    Men and the machines, they just can’t stay away can they. Good luck with all of this, it’s tough to keep the house clean when there’s mud around, it seems to travel.

  5. Christine Moffatt said

    OMG I was searching for info like this….we have a gross puddle forming in our backyard and have just been told our “fields are shot”. We have a pond very close to the old fields and I am dreading the process of finding a new place for the “fields”. Did you have to get an engineer to design all of this for you? I am betting we are in for sticker shock at the cost of fixing our system. Thanks for your info, at least I can now visualize the future destruction of our lawn!

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