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I think they dug all the way to China

Posted by Carol on May 19, 2009

Yesterday, on the septic system front, the guys didn’t accomplish much.

More septic system pics 014All they did was connect this old septic tank to the new one below.

More septic system pics 015See, that’s all they did.

I probably should show you how the new tank got there in the first place.

septic system 026That is the new septic tank all shiny and clean. Poor thing. It has no idea what its future job will be. See the guy in the orange Broncos cap? That’s Dear Hubby. He just wants to help. All this heavy equipment is like giant Tonka toys to him. He is beside himself with testosterone.

septic system 032

Guiding the new tank safely to its home.

septic system 036Tank in place with its cover on.

That brings us to yesterday. Other than connect those two tanks, the only other thing they did all day long, was dig.

And dig.

And dig.

And dig.

And then dig some more.

I don’t think they found Jimmy Hoffa, though.

But they came pretty close to finding China, I think.

The dump truck was in and out of here all day long and I didn’t want to risk getting run over trying to get a picture. I do have my limits. But after they left for the evening, I ventured outside and this is what I found in the Promised Land.

More septic system pics 017This picture does not do the hole justice at all. It is 8-10 feet deep and 47 feet long. I could just picture myself falling in  while trying to get the shot and then not being found until morning when the guys came back to work. On the bright side, it would have given me something to write about.

More septic system pics 018To try to put the size of the hole in perspective, those trees behind it are 30-40 feet tall.

Tomorrow, the guys will be bringing truckloads of rocks and sand to put back into the hole they just spent the whole day digging.

Stay tuned for the next installment of “Adventures in Septic Systems”.

Blog writing at its finest, I tell ya!


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  1. Jenny said

    Wow that is one big hole, can’t wait for the next installment.

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