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All Done!

Posted by Carol on May 26, 2009

As of Friday, all that was left to do to finish our brand spankin’ new septic system was to run a line connecting the new septic tanks near our house to the new septic field way out back in the Promised Land.

SS, Duck, and Deer 001

See that tall, reddish bush in the back of the picture? The Promised Land is behind that, way in the back of our yard. It is so far back that they had to install a pump with the new tanks to keep things moving along.

SS, Duck, and Deer 015Speaking of the Promised Land, here it is now. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but it is now a 24″ mound that is also 42 feet long and 24 feet wide. We were lucky. Depending on the soil tests, some folks have to have a 4 FOOT mound as their septic field.

So, by the end of the day on Friday, all that was left for the guys to do was to put a few bushes back in place and take their big toys home.

Neither of which they did.

Which left Hubby feeling like he might want to help the guys out a bit with the bushes and all.

Much to my chagrin.

SS, Duck, and Deer 017Why wait until Tuesday to let the professionals re-plant the bushes when you can do it yourself?

SS, Duck, and Deer 018If his day job doesn’t work out, he might have a future in landscaping.

SS, Duck, and Deer 021Getting a little direction from our visiting bro-in-law.

SS, Duck, and Deer 026And before we knew it, the bushes were back. It was as if they never left. That night, God provided a deluge of rain to give the traveling plants a nice big drink of water – just what they needed.

And the old septic field?

SS, Duck, and Deer 025As good as new.

Sans grass.

This morning the guys finally came and took the heavy equipment away – thank you, Jesus! Now I get to go down to their office and write the final check.

Sure hope Dear Daughter didn’t plan on going to college immediately after graduating high school next year. Sigh.


One Response to “All Done!”

  1. Kim said

    Your septic saga has kept me entertained. Better you than me! LOL

    Our septic problem didn’t turn out to be such a big deal, but bigger than we would have liked. The hubby has to go back with a friend or five and dig out the old, cracked ceramic pipes under the house and replace them with PVC pipes. Not sure when that will happen but hopefully soon.

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